Angel Adoree admits being ‘worried’ for Dick Strawbridge's health after recent Paris trip

Angel Adoree admits being ‘worried’ for Dick Strawbridge's health after recent Paris trip

Dick and Angel discuss the Easter holidays

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 19/04/2024

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Dick Strawbridge recently opened up about his gruelling health issues and a new remedy he was trying

Escape to the Chateau star Angel Adoree recently admitted she was worried for her husband's health after they took a trip to Paris for their daughter's – Dorothy – 10th birthday.

The family took a trip to Paris after their daughter noted that she was really interested in seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Dick Strawbridge and Adoree recently returned from their American Dare To Do It Tour but were quick to jet off to France to celebrate their daughter and also Adoree’s birthday.

After arriving in the country, they didn’t hesitate to make the most of their time there and headed straight down to the landmark.

However, Adoree soon became concerned for her husband's health when they realised that the walk was trickier than they thought.

Discussing the trek on their latest podcast – Dick & Angel Chat…Eau – Adoree explained: “We had got in at 12:30 and the walk down…

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree

Angel and Dick went to Paris to celebrate their daughters birthday


“Was quite far and we were quite worried about your knee but it was worth it because the sun was shining and everyone was dressed up.

“The bridge where the Effiel Tower is, we took some lovely pictures, we took the walk really nice and gentle and it just felt wonderful.”

Recalling the moment, Strawbridge hit back and noted that his knee was fine because of the number of stops they made due to his wife taking an abundance of pictures along the way.

He noted: “We don’t walk anywhere without having a fully-fledged camera crew with us, Angela with her phone, we have not done a single walk, I don’t even think we have gone 200 meters without having to stop to take a photograph.

Dick Strawbridge

Dick recently admitted he was trying acupuncture to cure his health issues


“You, ‘We need another photograph, look at this’. I do selfies quite quickly now but you have your phone and there are so many opportunities for nice pictures.

“We go past something ‘Stunning, we have to stop and take a photograph’. Never mind me having a bad knee, I had so much rest on that walk waiting for you to catch up!

“We had all the girls with their girly pictures going on, I think you had about four photo stops crossing.”

This isn’t the first time that Strawbridge has opened up about his health issues on the podcast as he recently revealed he had tried acupuncture for treatments.

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree

Angel admitted being worried about her husband during their recent Paris trip


He explained in a previous podcast episode: “This week I went for my first-ever acupuncture. This is called 'Dick the pin cushion', doesn’t sound right, no matter how you say that.

“But I went for my first treatment because my knee has been giving me some grief and I am still waiting to go along and see the expert which is actually on Dorothy’s birthday.

“So I went along and got pins stuck in me. It was interesting. When you have had 20 years in the army, when you lie down and do nothing, and nothing’s happening you sleep.

“I very nearly nodded off except every time I went to move the pins, I had about 20 pins in my in various places and so I thought, ‘Oh I can’t roll over or move too much because I am sure they aren’t supposed to stick out the other side of your leg or your arm’.”

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