Jonnie Irwin exasperated as star shares 'fatigue' struggle over major changes to home life

Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin is facing 'decision fatigue' at his home

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/09/2023

- 09:44

Updated: 08/09/2023

- 09:47

The 49-year-old has shared the latest dilemma he's facing as he renovates his Newcastle home

Jonnie Irwin has shared a mixed review of the ongoing changes going on at his family home.

The dad-of-three has been spending more time at home following his cancer diagnosis and has been renovating several aspects of the building to make the most of the space with his wife and sons.

However, while things are starting to take shape on the project, Irwin's latest update proved it's been far from plain sailing.

"Quick update then on the project," Irwin said to the camera with the house standing behind him.

"That port-a-loo is stinking," Irwin remarked as he spotted the feature installed for his workmen before he turned his attention back to the house.

He continued: "Anyway the portico is massive, it's really taking shape. The cladding is also on."

Irwin began to angle the camera to the top floor of the building: "I'm loving that big open window!

Jonnie Irwin home

Jonnie reeled off the changes he's preparing for at his house


"I think a big window or the big window that was there will make all the difference to the design.

"You've noticed the cladding, that cedar cladding," Irwin added as he pointed to the cladding surrounding the window.

However, he revealed the decision-making process with the cladding had its ups and downs: "The design was... we wanted cladding but I didn't want to pretend it isn't a 1960s building.

"I didn't want it all cladding but if you take a step back, that there is a window and then you've got half-height cladding...

"The builders are gonna love me but I think that needs to be full-height, otherwise it looks a bit half-a***d."

The change shouldn't pose too much of a hiccup though as Irwin explained: "So that's a conversation I'm gonna have to have, they seem quite open to it at the moment."

Irwin then made his way into the soon-to-be porch at the front of the house as he reeled off the details of what's to come.

"But this I'm really looking to as well, this is gonna be all solid wood, all solid burnt cedar like black planks but it's gonna have a doorway in it so you can get to the garden and get them bins out," he said.

"So I'm quite pleased with that design," Irwin admitted before he listed off the less pleasant aspects of the project he has to come.

An exasperated Irwin turned the camera to the space in front of the house and explained: "Then we've got to decide as well on the covering of this flooring now, block paving or cobblestones.

"And then what are we gonna make a doorstep out of!" Irwin vented. "To be honest, and on top of that, what are we gonna do with this bit!?

"I'm getting decision fatigue at the moment," Irwin confessed but did end his update on a positive note.

Jonnie Irwin renovations

The A Place in the Sun star is renovating his Newcastle home


He concluded: "But it's exciting now, things are going up instead of being ripped off so it's all very positive."

While there's still plenty of work to be done, a number of Irwin's followers replied to his video with messages of encouragement for the work already carried out.

"Yes Johny you tell them. it’s going to look fabulous love Big windows," one fan replied.

While a second weighed in: "It will be worth all the mess and upheaval. You are looking well Jonnie, such an inspiration xx." (sic)

Irwin is no stranger to sharing updates from his home life after he went public with his cancer diagnosis in late 2022.

He was first diagnosed in 2020 but after the disease spread from his lung to his brain, he decided to go public.

Irwin has been praised for his candor about his battle with the terminal disease, often opening up about his time in palliative care and the impact the illness has had on his family.

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