ITV GMB slapped with HUNDREDS of Ofcom complaints as fans take action over 'disgraceful' Farage hounding

ITV GMB slapped with HUNDREDS of Ofcom complaints as fans take action over 'disgraceful' Farage hounding

WATCH HERE: The Nigel Farage GMB interview that spark 450+ Ofcom complaints

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 26/06/2024

- 13:12

Susanna Reid and Ed Balls grilled the Reform UK leader on June 18

An interview with Nigel Farage conducted by Susanna Reid and Ed Balls on Good Morning Britain has been met with over 450 complaints to Ofcom.

On Tuesday, June 18, Farage joined the GMB hosts via video link to to discuss Reform UK's "contract" with the country ahead of the General Election.


During the discussion, Balls continually quizzed Farage on Reform UK's personal tax allowance policy stated in the party's "contract" as well as the social media activity of a handful of the party's candidates.

But the interview was far from a civilised matter, with Balls time and time again interrupting Farage when he was delivering his answers and even sarcastically mocking the Reform UK leader for being a supposed "straight talker".

The interview was met by plenty of outrage at the time of its broadcast, with several ITV viewers branding Reid and Balls conduct as "disgraceful", "awful" and even "bullying".

The behaviour of the hosts irked some so much that they complained directly to broadcasting regulator Ofcom with 471 official complaints lodged in its weekly audience report, it was revealed today.

Nigel Farage's GMB interview

Nigel Farage's GMB interview has resulted in over 450 complaints to Ofcom


When asked what the complaints lodged against GMB concerned, an Ofcom spokesperson told GB News: "(The) complaints related to the treatment of Nigel Farage by the presenters during an interview."

However, the furore aimed towards Reid and Balls at the time was met by some who sided with their interviewing technique.

One even leaped to Reid and Balls' defence to argue on X, formerly Twitter: "If he wants to be taken seriously, these are the questions he needs to answer."

News of GMB's Ofcom complaints comes less than 24 hours after Farage celebrated a major victory against the ITV staple.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage appeared on GMB earlier this month via video link


On Tuesday afternoon, Farage bagged the Best News Presenter at this year's TRIC Awards after going up against Reid in the same category.

The former GB News presenter was also up against People's Channel favourite Eamonn Holmes and Matt Chorley.

Reid's reaction to Farage's win was met with ridicule from some after she congratulated the former GB News star with a five-word response.

Farage wasn't the only winner for his work on GB News either, with Camilla Tominey winning Best Interview for her chat with Alastair Stewart about his dementia diagnosis, and the GB News Breakfast team winning Best News Programme.

Upon receiving his award, Farage said to the TRIC Award crowd: "Thank you! It's like a crowd at a wrestling event really! I notice much less hostility than we had last year.

"And just think about it, GB News Breakfast has won, the Camilla Tominey interview with Alastair Stewart won and I have won for a second year in a row for News Presenter of the Year.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage won Best News Presenter at this year's TRIC Awards


"What that says to you is that GB News is here to stay as a mainstream broadcaster in this country and thank goodness for that!

"Well, know those that boo clearly don't like competition! A massive thank you to our listeners and our viewers," Farage added after pockets of booing could be heard from those in attendance.

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