Camilla Tominey wins TRIC Award for moving Alastair Stewart GB News interview

Camilla Tominey wins TRIC Award for moving Alastair Stewart GB News interview
Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 25/06/2024

- 15:30

Updated: 25/06/2024

- 16:58

The GB News presenter and Stewart both took to the stage to accept the award

Camilla Tominey has bagged a TRIC Award for her emotional interview with Alastair Stewart last year.

Back in September, broadcasting legend Stewart joined Tominey on her self-titled GB News show to reveal he'd been diagnosed with dementia.

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The emotional interview led to viewers voting for Tominey and Stewart to win Interview of the Year at this year's TRIC Awards.

Accepting the award, Tominey beamed as she said to the crowd: "I shouldn't be the one talking with Alastair Stewart next to me.

"Thank you so much to everybody in the public who voted, thank you so much to the judges.

"As everyone here knows, the best stories to tell are the ones involving human interest and people's very personal tales.

Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart shared his diagnosis with GB News viewers in September


"We were so grateful to Al for being so honest about his dementia diagnosis.

"We hoped the interview would raise awareness for a condition that affects one in two people in the UK. I'd like to say thank you so much to GB News -" she added, prompting Stewart to chip in: "Here, here."

Tominey continued: "Everyone in my immediate production team, so that's Joe Cowell, Keith Bays, Dominic Weaver and Tim Smith.

"And thank you so much and hope it raised awareness, and thank you to Al - he's a broadcasting legend who shared something very personal with us so thank you."

Stewart signed off: "And thanks to all of my friends and people who I've known for many, many years - many of whom are in the room tonight. Including the most important of them all, Sally Stewart, who is sitting over there. Thank you very much indeed."

There was more success for the People's Channel during this year's awards, including Breakfast winning Best News Programme and Nigel Farage - who has since stepped down from his role at GB News - winning Best News Presenter.

Upon collecting the award for Breakfast, Stephen Dixon said: "I want to say on behalf of all of us, we are so thrilled to have won this for the second year running. So pleased for everyone who voted for us, thank you very much indeed.

"And for everyone who watches and listens to us, those figures are growing week on week and we are so pleased that more people are tuning in."

GB News Breakfast and Nigel Farage

GB News Breakfast and Nigel Farage also won at this year's awards


Eamonn Holmes also thanked fans: "Thank you very much indeed and the quality of the opposition we're up against says a lot! Really world-class programmes and that makes this that little bit more special for us.

"Sometimes we think we have imposter syndrome, why us sort of thing... Well, I went for an operation a year and a half ago and it went wrong so I got two things in my back that I didn't want so why not? I'll have this and happily accept this. Thank you very much indeed."

Isabel Webster also chimed in: "Speaking for the girls as well, I just wanted to say thank you to all our team.

"We're very small, we work our socks off and we really think we're doing something right because the figures seem to (grow) and we thank everybody who voted for us today."

And Ellie Costello added: "Thank you to our small mighty team and we mean it when we say the audience is at the heart of absolutely everything that we do.

"The audience has voted for us for the second year running so they clearly like what we do and we promise we're gonna keep doing it, so thank you very much."

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