ITV Big Brother slapped with 1k+ Ofcom complaints as 'bullying' controversy engulfs reality show reboot

ITV Big Brother slapped with 1k+ Ofcom complaints as 'bullying' controversy engulfs reality show reboot

WATCH NOW: Dylan and Trish's row results in complaints

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/11/2023

- 15:26

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 15:51

Big Brother fans have taken action in response to housemates' behaviour

ITV's reboot of Big Brother has found itself at the centre of a "bullying" row once again after disgruntled viewers contacted Ofcom.

The regulatory body has been inundated with over 1,000 complaints in just one week due to the nature of some Big Brother stars' behaviour.

Most of the complaints levelled at the show came as a result of the row that ensued during the Halloween episode.

Dylan, who's since been evicted, unleashed a furious tirade aimed at fellow housemate Trish after he discovered she and Noky were the two who put him up for eviction.

Despite Kerry being sent home instead, Dylan was furious and his demeanour and behaviour was slammed by viewers at home.

It's since been reported that 768 people went one step further and lodged complaints to Ofcom over the scenes during the October 31 episode.

Big Brother's Dylan

Big Brother's Dylan prompted hundreds of Ofcom complaints


Complaints continued to flood in the following evening on November 1 after some viewers alleged Paul - another now-evicted housemate - was exhibiting "bullying behaviour" towards Noky.

Ofcom confirmed to GB News that the complaints "related to various issues" including "alleged bullying behaviour by Paul towards Noky" which prompted 45 complaints.

The regulator added that "Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky" garnered 50 complaints.

And on November 3, Paul again found himself in the firing line of viewers along with his aforementioned group of friends.

"Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky" resulted in 62 complaints while once again "alleged bullying behaviour by Paul towards Noky and Trish" earned another 50 complaints, the regulator confirmed.

It's not the first time viewers have slammed ITV's reboot of the iconic reality series, with Big Brother also being involved in a "fix" row earlier this year as well as a separate "bullying" storm between Kerry and Farida - both of whom have now left.

Among the complained-about housemates, both Dylan and Paul have been evicted to a chorus of boos while Jenkin, Olivia, Tom and Chanelle remain in the house.

However, in Wednesday's episode (November 8), housemates will discover who'll face the next public vote and it has been made all the more interesting by the fact Big Brother has confirmed there's been a rule break.

In tonight's episode, Chanelle, who'd previously been given immunity from this week's vote, will have the privilege revoked after she broke the rules regarding discussing nominations with Olivia.

Chanelle and Olivia

Chanelle and Olivia were also complained-about housemates


Olivia too will be punished as she'll have her nomination rights revoked and have to write the words "I must not break the rules" 600 times for Big Brother.

ITV has teased that a "record number of housemates" will face a double eviction this Friday night as the show heads towards its final week.

GB News has contacted ITV for comment.

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