Amy Dowden says cancer treatment will last 5 years as star left 'gutted' ahead of major milestone

Amy Dowden says cancer treatment will last 5 years as star left 'gutted' ahead of major milestone

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/11/2023

- 13:36

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 16:09

The Strictly Come Dancing star is undergoing her final round of chemo this week

Amy Dowden, 33, has admitted she was "gutted" to find out she'd be receiving cancer treatment for the next five years ahead of her final course of chemotherapy.

Ahead of the major milestone in her treatment journey, Dowden - who was diagnosed with breast cancer in May - has been vocal in her excitement at being able to ring the bell in the chemo ward once her final round is complete.

However, after already undergoing a mastectomy, fertility treatment, chemo and other treatments, Dowden has admitted she doesn't want to part way with her ovaries.

As a result, once the final round of chemo is complete, Dowden - who recently shared a "new" side effect she'd been dealing with - will have to continue paying visits to the ward for monthly injections.

She explained all in a series on Instagram videos following the news her blood tests had come back with positive results meaning she can undergo her final round of chemo.

"I got into the car and had a little cry! The bloods are all good to go," Dowden beamed. "Final chemo Thursday! I can’t believe it.

Amy Dowden

Amy Dowden opens up on length of time she'll be receiving treatment


"Chemo bell I’m coming for you and so very grateful I get to ring that bell," she wrote.

Speaking to the camera she continued: "I can’t believe it. I’m going to be ringing that chemo bell and then four weeks after the last chemo, I have my MRI scan and then I find out if I need more surgery – or if I’m done."

Referencing the lengthy timeframe for treatment she still has ahead of her, Dowden explained: "Well, I’m kind of not done, because for five years - I was a bit gutted when I found this out – I have to go back to the chemo ward.

"Obviously, I love all the nurses there, they're incredible, the whole team are – but I have to go back and have an injection once a month. It’s either that, or have my ovaries removed, which I obviously don’t want."

Despite the "gutting" news, Dowden's positivity continued to shine through in her latest update as she described the feeling of knowing this was her last chemo treatment.

"The toughest part of this journey for me, tougher than the mastectomy, has been this chemo – and that is coming to an end," she continued.

"It’s like Christmas Eve-Eve! And it’s not only the end of chemo... so Friday I’ll have my last bone marrow injection to help with my white blood cells, and then it will be my last course of chemo steroids, which keep you up all night (and) your appetite is insane!

"I just think back to July and how scared I was, and petrified. I remember the day before my first chemo, I was just hysterically crying. To the point where two of my friends had to come round and calm me down and reason with me.

"But, anyway, we’re here, we’re at the end of this journey and then of course another journey begins in the recovery from chemo. But I’m ready for this!"

Amy Dowden

Amy Dowden is preparing for her final round of chemo


Dowden's defiance comes on the same day she made a successful return to TV screens as part of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

She joined Dragons' Den star Sara Davies on the road as the pair sought out valuable collectibles to put up for auction.

The duo clearly loved the experience and made an impression as Antiques Road Trip star Natasha Raskin Sharp shared on Instagram ahead of the episode: "A great trip down memory lane - loved making this Celebrity @antiqueroadtrip with you all! X."

And her fellow expert Steven Moore echoed: "Can’t wait to watch this. What a laugh we had!"

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