Eamonn Holmes leaves guest with head in hands after remark in 'adult-only flights' debate

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes leaves guest with head in hands after joke

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 31/08/2023

- 10:11

The Breakfast panel were split on Thursday morning after one airline introduced "Only Adult" flights

Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster welcomed showbiz journalist Ellie Phillips and author Clio Wood onto Breakfast on Thursday to debate if more airlines should follow suit.

Airline Corendon is the company making the change and it quickly became clear Eamonn and Phillips were all for the idea.

Isabel and Wood, however, had reservations about banning children from select flights.

Kicking off the discussion, Eamonn quipped "it'll be better than screaming kids, kicking in the back of your seat and all that sort of thing" if they were banned.

"So is that the way it should be? Or is that discrimination against people who have families? Heaven forbid," he remarked as he opened the debate to the floor.

Phillips weighed in first as she explained: "I just think if you had the option to travel in an adult-only either zone or plane, then that would benefit everyone."

Eamonn agreed that having the option could be beneficial as Phillips argued it would put parents "at ease" to know others on the flight were okay with children being on board.

Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster

Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster debated the idea of 'adult only' flights


Isabel then offered a different point of view, however, especially seeing as the idea was being rolled out for flights to Amsterdam.

"In my experience of flying to Amsterdam, because this is an airline that is talking about this, on flights into Amsterdam, I've had more problems with adults than I've ever had," Isabel said.

"It's actually adults who behave badly on those flights," she continued. "They drink too much on the way out, they're abusive to air stewardesses and on the way home.

"Let me tell you, it is grotesque. They are vomiting, they are breaking wind. It is not a nice."

Phillips let out a laugh before pointing out that a disruptive adult could be accosted while a child causing nuisance results in passengers "having to grin and bear it".

Wood opposed Phillips' point of view as she argued: "I get how annoying kids are. I had two hours sleep last night because my two-year-old decided to come into bed with me.

"But you know, without kids, how will our societies and our economies progress? And you know, this is about a matter of transport.

"It's not about a hotel or a holiday in general. It's about getting to and from, and if you can continue the debate to its natural conclusion, we might end up banning children from public transport altogether, which I don't think is a good idea."

But Eamonn wasn't convinced as he broke into an impression of a spoiled child boarding a plane with their parents which left everyone giggling.

However, Isabel did protest that giving children the tour of a plane was a nice touch for young ones, something Eamonn firmly disagreed with.

Eamonn did back up his stance by saying he actually avoided flying when his children were younger, telling viewers: "I went through a few years where I decided it was on four children and it wasn't fair for them or us.

"And we sort of had a few years where we didn't really bring them abroad and and we had British holidays and Irish holidays and it was a different it was a more suited holiday for them."

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes agreed with the idea


And Eamonn appeared to have the support of GB News viewer Dave who emailed to Isabel: "'God forbid you're unlucky enough to be on a plane with Isabelle's children.'"

While the email prompted chuckles from the panel, Isabel sarcastically replied: "Aren't you a lovely person, Dave? Let me tell you, the only time my children have been disruptive on a flight was when they were babe in arms and they were crying.

"There's not an awful lot you can do in that situation, but I'm sure you're a better parent than me. Dave, thanks for your e-mail. I really appreciate it."

This prompted Eamonn to conclude the debate with a tongue-in-cheek parenting tip for Wood as he weighed in: "There is (something you can do), the thing that sorts this...

"Cleo, I'll give you this tip, parent to parent... scare the life out of them (and) threaten him," Eamonn joked as Phillips burst into laughter and covered her face.

Eamonn continued as Wood also giggled: "And the other thing is Calpol, brilliant. Just try not to overdose them."

Wood quipped back with a retort of her own as she said adults could use "earplugs" instead.

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