Countryfile viewers slam 'misleading and biased' episode as BBC 'favour' Badger culling: 'Cull the BBC'

Countryfile viewers slam 'misleading and biased' episode as BBC 'favour' Badger culling: 'Cull the BBC'

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 26/05/2024

- 20:59

The BBC nature show has been slammed by its viewers once again as they cover ongoing farming issues

Countryfile viewers have slammed the BBC show after they claimed the broadcaster was "misleading and biased" on the view of badger culling and exploring the ongoing issue of bovine tuberculosis.

During the latest episode, Adam Henson and Charlotte Smith explored the Camel Trail in north Cornwall, which runs 18 miles and connects the fishing town of Padstow with the wild moorland of Bodmin.

They encountered the wildlife of the diverse habitat and the people that live and work along its route. Smith went on to visit the National Lobster Hatchery, and investigated the latest plans to tackle TB in cattle in England and Wales.

When discussing the plans to tackle TB, Smith explained: "Any animals classed as reactors, that's cattle which show a skin lump reaction to the TB antibody, will be destroyed.

"If just one animal is a reactor, the rest of the herd will, in effect, be under lockdown for the next 120 days. Bovine TB is similar to tuberculosis in humans.

"If untreated, it can cause breathing problems and eventually death.


Viewers were fuming over the tuberculosis topic


"More than 40,000 cattle are culled in the UK every year because of it, with Scotland the only nation that doesn't have a significant TB problem. Trying to control the spread of TB in cattle is hard and controversial.

"In England, the government allows the culling of badgers as part of its strategy. Here in Wales, that's not allowed. Badgers can catch bovine TB and pass it to cattle, although research suggests it's more common for it to spread between cows.

"Without the option of culling badgers, and having to follow the Welsh Government's strategy, which includes measures like raising drinking troughs and barriers under gates to keep badgers away from cattle."

However, viewers of the show were left furious at the topic and took to their X account to slam the BBC for "advocating" badger culling.


Fans were outraged at the badger culling


One exclaimed: "#countryfile #stopthecull Blaming our wildlife for farming's problems while you're at it."

"Will they mention that Deer carry TB?!" another asked before a third slammed: "The next government needs to #stopthecull. Slaughtering these ancient #animals & review the Tories' bTB policy so that it does actually help."

A fourth noted: "And you know only too well what it does when it gets into our water now, too ...! Don't Blame Badgers."

"Why we aren’t vaccinating badgers rather than just slaughtering them I don’t fucking know, actually it’s probably 20p cheaper that’s why..." someone else suggested.


Countryfile viewers were left unimpressed


"It is 2024, why do we not have a definitive answer on TB in cattle? After so many years. Surely science can focus on this?" a sixth user asked before one more expressed: "#Countryfile Misleading and biased in favour of badger culling once again.

"Let us hope that if Labour win the GE they stop this disgraceful cull of a so-called protected species. We could always cull #Countryfile. Does anyone still watch it?" (sic)

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