The 1% Club viewers 'complain to Ofcom' over 'disrespectful' decision to change contestant's 'difficult' name

The 1% Club viewers 'complain to Ofcom' over 'disrespectful' decision to change contestant's 'difficult' name

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 26/05/2024

- 19:02

Updated: 28/05/2024

- 09:30

The 1% Club saw Big Brother star Yinrun Huang in the contestant box over the weekend

The 1% Club viewers left furious and complaining to Ofcom (The Office of Communications) after the game show decided to change Big Brother star Yinrun Huang's name because it's "hard to pronounce".

Huang took to her Instagram to confirm she "doesn't have a twin" and shared a number of behind the scenes from her day of filming, but the caption left fans to fume.

She penned: "I’m on the 1% Club Tonight!! This was filmed at the start of 2023 so I’ve had to keep my participation a secret for so long! But it’s finally here and I can’t wait to watch it back!! (This is one of my favourite series).

"Thanks to the show for having me as a player, I had the best time and lots of laughs, plus Lee Mack is so charming. Please tune in on ITV1 at 20:55 pm to watch the episode, and see how powerful my brain really is!! Can you get the 1% question? Good luck.

"P.S Just in case anyone is confused, I was given the name ‘Runrun’ on the show, but it’s still me, I don’t have a twin."

Outraged that the show changed her name because they "couldn't pronounce it", one follower of Huang commented: "Sad that a major production can't pronounce your name."

"Seen loads of comments on changing your name I find that outrageous! Completely unacceptable," a second said before a third noted: "I’m sorry they changed your name, cannot see how Yinrun could be difficult for anyone to pronounce.

"Even if it was, they should learn it. Glad you joked about the experience though!"

"Complained to Ofcom," another replied before a fifth fumed: "Yinrun is defo not hard to pronounce...the irony that it's the 1% that can't pronounce Yinrun?"

A sixth exclaimed: "Also, I agree with everybody here, Yinrun isn't difficult to say and is a lovely name. It should never have been changed. The fact that they changed your name is pretty disgusting, I'm sorry they did that".

Yinrun Huang

Sadly Yinrun was eliminated during the 80% question


At the beginning of the show, host Lee Mack asked the 100 contestants to clap if they thought they were going to do badly, something Huang took the opportunity to express.

She explained: "I'm so nervous and I have sweaty hands! And this is my first time being shown on TV."

Unfortunately for Huang, she was eliminated from the contest at the 80 per cent question, failing to connect the clue with the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Mack noted: "I am so sorry to say, that we have lost Run Run. Oh, Run Run, I'm so sorry! You should have changed your name to Stay-stay. What happened?"

Lee Mack and Yinrun Huang

1% Club fans were left furious over a name decision


The Big Brother star explained: "I am not familiar with the nursery rhyme."

Huang was a fan favourite throughout her time in the Big Brother house and was the favourite to win for several weeks, coming fourth to Jordan Sangha winning.

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