Monty Don defended by fans as anti-royalists hijack royal update with 'hateful' King and Queen remarks

Monty Don defended by fans as anti-royalists hijack royal update with 'hateful' King and Queen remarks

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 23/05/2024

- 16:04

The gardening expert received angry comments about his royal meet

Monty Don fans have jumped to his defence after he faced a swarm of angry comments on a recent social media post.

The gardening expert, 68, recently took to his Instagram account to proudly share a snap of himself meeting the King and Queen, only to be met with a number of irked comments.

Don can be seen smiling at the Chelsea Flower Show as he greets King Charles III and Queen Camilla, but many took issue with the sweet photo by expressing their disapproval and writing anti-monarchy slogans.

While many continued to express their disappointment and anti-royal sentiments, others were quick to defend the Gardeners' World star.

One person pointed out: "Why so many hateful comments, rude comments lots of bullies on here. So many negative comments, I thought gardening made people calm and connected to nature.

"Everything changes constantly in nature and renews itself. People are also 'just passing by' in the big picture."

Monty Don with the King and Queen

Don faced a backlash for sharing the photo


"Embarrassing comments on this post. people need to look in the mirror," another penned.

A third enthused: "Lovely photo. Take no notice of imperfect people making unfavorable comments."

"How lovely. I can imagine Charles and Monty being great friends. And such respect for each others passion for all things gardening," someone else commented.

"Wishing him full health and a speedy.revovery," another remarked.

"How fantastic to see the king land queen looking so well x," another shared.

"Not a fair thing to say, they are still humans after all no matter who they are!" someone else argued in response to one anti-monarchist. (sic)

Unfortunately for Don, It wasn't the only thing he came under fire for at the gardening event.

When one of the winners was announced as young gardener and designer Ula Maria, Don and co-host Joe Swift didn't hold back as they shared their opinions.

"This is a difficult one because obviously, we got it wrong, and that is fine," Don remarked.

He went on: "The fact she is a young, brilliant designer is fantastic."

Monty Don

Several fans jumped to the Gardeners' World star's defence


However, he continued he seemed to question the judges' decision, adding: "But, a lot of people I have spoken to are saying that they just don’t understand where the judges are going."

Swift agreed as he chipped in: "It feels like it's all become so technical.

"The boxes are being ticked and it’s about making a faultless garden rather than – well, we both made our predictions and for me, they were the stand-out gardens so I’m trying to understand why they didn’t win. We've seen hundreds of gardens!"

The conversation prompted a backlash on social media by those tuned in at home.

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