Netflix Bridgerton fans make feelings clear on 'boring' subplot as many divided by series three

Netflix Bridgerton fans make feelings clear on 'boring' subplot as many divided by series three

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 23/05/2024

- 18:08

Bridgerton fans seem to be making the same complaint over series three

Bridgerton returned to Netflix this month with part one of series three, and while fans have been quick to binge the series, many have been left divided over one element.

One of the subplots of the series involves the Mondrich family, with Will, Alice, Nicky, Daisy and John first introduced in series one.

Will owns the boxing gym and gentleman's club the other characters regularly use, so the family aren't new to the series.

However, series three of Bridgerton has seen them take a more central role in the plot, with Alice's great aunt leaving her eldest son her fortune, title and home, meaning the family moved from above the club to a wealthier area.

Since they inherited their money, the series has focused quite a bit on how the family has adjusted to their change of circumstance.

While some are enjoying the new element to the show, others are hoping the plot will soon die down.


Fans of the series have been left divided by series three


Taking to X, many shared their thoughts on the subject, with some arguing they wanted to see less of the Mondrichs.

"You guys might hate me for saying it but I really don’t care about the Mondrich’s plotline and I think it is unnecessary and messy for an ensamble show that has already so much going on, they’re not even connected to the books so I really don’t care," one penned.

A second shared: "We do not need a sub plot of the Featheringtons or Mondrichs…Stop trying to make them happen. More Kate and Anthony #BRIDGERTON #BridgertonS3."

"I dont f***ing care about mondrichs and their plot, like their plot is so irrelevant. Cut them out, i wanna watch bridgerton," another fumed.

"Hate to say it but the Mondrichs storyline is so boring #BRIDGERTON," another admitted.

"Of course i'm eating up every Alice scene, but that's a given since i've been her #1 fan from the very beginning of this show, HOWEVER Mondrichs storyline is a little boring, but that's probably because we don't spend enough time with them, idk #Bridgerton #BridgertonS3," someone else suggested.

However, others defended the storyline, with one person stating: "Here for the noble Mondrichs #BRIDGERTON."

"I don't get the online hatred against the Mondrichs. It is not like the family came out of nowhere. That family has been a core family to the #Bridgerton series since the first season. It would have been even more strange if they weren't on there. #BridgertonSeason3 #Bridgerton3," another argued.


Bridgerton series three part one is now on Netflix


Bridgerton became a huge Netflix hit when the first series hit the streaming platform in 2020.

The second instalments were launched a year later, and fans have been excited to watch the current series, which landed on Netflix this week.

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