Beyond Paradise fans spot homage to Death in Paradise star amid Ralf Little return theory

Beyond Paradise fans spot homage to Death in Paradise star amid Ralf Little return theory

Ralf Little recalls mortifying moment walking back from the gym

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 19/04/2024

- 22:25

Beyond Paradise’s DCI Humphrey Goodman was back to solve a brand new case in Shipton Abbott

Beyond Paradise fans were left elated after they spotted a cameo from a beloved Death in Paradise character – as theories began to swirl of Ralf Little’s return.

During tonight’s episode, a woman was found face down on the ground outside the moor of Shipton Abbott, with an arrow through her shoulder.

The victim, Niamh Kirby, didn’t see the attacker and there was no trace of their presence or weapon at the scene of the crime.

As DCI Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) and his team began to dig deeper, a feud between Niamh and her brother-in-law was uncovered.

Meanwhile, Anne Lloyd (Barbara Flynn) dived into wedding planning and left Humphrey and Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) worried that she may have become too invested in their fairy-tale ceremony after her own recent romantic entanglements.

However, away from the storyline of the attempted murder, fans were elated to see a homage paid to Harry the Lizard.

Beyond Paradise

The BBC spin-off series paid tribute to its sister series


During a scene in a pub, a quick cut-away showed a small green lizard figure hanging on the wall and left fans to cheer on their social media accounts.

One exclaimed: “You really have to love the fans of #beyondparadise and #deathinparadise. Harry is so beloved as a CGI character.

“That we go gaga over a model cameo of him in a pub, we're a very wholesome bunch aren't we.”

“Harry spot #BeyondParadise,” one stated before another expressed: “Harry! (Sort of!) #beyondparadise.”

Beyond Paradise

Fans have theorised that Ralf Little will return for Humphrey and Martha's wedding


“Harry homage. #BeyondParadise,” another added before a fifth penned: “Harry is there in spirit, but physically he's the guardian of the shack and whoever inhabits it.”

The simple appearance from an old friend back in Saint Paradise comes after many fans have theorised that Ralf Little could return as DI Neville Parker in the BBC spin-off.

Little left Death in Paradise at the beginning of the month after four years of portraying the lead detective on the island of Saint Marie.

Neville and love interest Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert) sailed off together after finally agreeing to give their relationship a shot.

Ralf Little and Harry the Lizard

Beyond Paradise fans were ecstatic to see an homage to Harry the Lizard


When discussing his departure, Little told BBC Breakfast: “This last series was always going to be my last series, I had talks with the BBC, and with Red Planet, the production company and we all agreed that it just felt...”

After some hesitation, he continued: “If it was in my heart, like if it was just a heart decision, I'd have wanted to do it for 20 more years.”

With the wedding of Humphrey and Martha’s wedding looming, many have claimed that Neville and Florence could return as guests at the pair's nuptials.

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