BBC Strictly's Neil Jones issues stern defence of fiancée as she's 'mum-shamed' over clip with newborn

BBC Strictly's Neil Jones issues stern defence of fiancée as she's 'mum-shamed' over clip with newborn

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 18/01/2024

- 09:07

The professional dancer and his Love Island star fiancee welcomed their first child in October

BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Neil Jones, 41, has jumped to his fiancée Chyna Mills', 25, defence after she fell victim to unsavoury mum-shaming comments on social media.

The former Love Island contestant and her pro dancer fiancé welcomed baby daughter Havana back in October, just over a year after they began dating in August 2022.

The duo have been open with their foray into parenthood as they regularly share updates from their home including their adorable newborn.

However, one TikTok user felt the need to question Havana's skin colour, prompting Mills to share a clip condemning the user's comments.

Sharing the comment in question, Mills said: "I find this highly disrespectful for anyone to comment on anyone's skin colour, let alone my baby's.

"Keep your comments to yourself and stay away from my page," she continued. "I've had a few comments like this and it's just really weird that people in this day and age want to comment on someone's skin colour. Sort your life out."

Mills was inundated with support from the majority of her social media following but a few commented on the noises that Havana, who accompanied her mother out of shot in the video, was making.

"Girl your baby is crying!!" one user criticised which led to Jones wading into the debate.

Slapping down yet another piece of criticism from a social media user, Jones hit back: "Actually she's singing and making sounds."

Mills and Jones were quickly flooded with supportive messages with several of their fans wading into the debate to back the pair.

"Gosh what's with this app and people being rude, just disgusting," one TikTok user replied.

A second added: "Chyna you shouldn't have given her the attention she craved. These little minded people need to be ignored. U've got a beautiful family & we love u."

Meanwhile, a third said: "You and your family are beautiful these people are so miserable! Keep glowing and being beautiful."

And a fourth reacted to Jones' comment directly: "The people commenting that her baby is ‘crying’ have never been around babies or looked after a baby and it’s so obvious. That is not a crying baby.

Neil Jones and Chyna Mills

Neil Jones and Chyna Mills step out with baby Havana


"Not every sound from a baby is crying and you don’t always have to fawn over a baby when it makes a peep - that’s how you create clingy babies.

"Stop trying to deflect from what she saying." (sic)

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