Expat in France warns of 'divide' with locals after Britons buy houses 'French can't afford'

Man Dordogne France

An expat spoke of a 'divide'

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 26/09/2023

- 06:00

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:28

France is a popular choice for Britons wanting to move abroad, however this has caused tension with locals in some parts

Britons may choose to live abroad for a change of lifestyle, scenery or culture.

One man shared his experiences after moving to Dordogne in the South West of France.

Graham moved from the UK and explained he noticed a "divide" between him and the locals in the area.

He explained this might be down to Britons moving to the area and buying up houses.

Dordogne France

Dordogne, France, is a popular choice for expats


"There is a little divide between the British and the French," he said.

"There is something going on there, I think.

"Since Brexit you've got the British coming over with their money and buying up all these old houses and renovating them.

"A lot of the French couldn't afford what we've bought and I think that's where the divide comes in."

Graham had recently bought a house for 1.2 million euros (around £1million) and was doing it up.

The expat spoke in ARTE.tv documentary 'Little Britain in the Dordogne' where it was revealed there has been a surge in demand for property around the area.

A French local commented on the divide and explained he was happy to have his British neighbours.

However, he admitted this was not the case with everyone.

Paris France

Many parts of France are popular with expats


He said: "[There are] English shops, an English barber. You're often among the British in the shops here.

"Some people are happy about it, others lukewarm."

Those who move to France must pass a French speaking test and one expat opened up on the most difficult part about this.

They said: "The most difficult thing is the accent.

"Obviously, because being English, there's loads of sound that we just don't have in English. So that's really difficult."

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