Planes have smaller seats and less legroom as comfort is not a priority - but passengers could be to blame

People in seats on plane

Seats have become smaller with less legroom

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 07/10/2023

- 05:01

Budget flights can be a great way to travel for an affordable price, but travelling with these airlines comes with other challenges

Some airlines offer flights from the UK to Europe for less than £10, making it an attractive option for a quick getaway.

However, passenger comfort on planes has suffered as a result, an expert exclusively told GB News.

The comfort on planes has taken a hit in recent years, according to ex-cabin crew and founder of Phantom Digital Justine Mclaughlin.

She said: "As ex cabin crew and a keen adventurer during my business years I have flown planes of all sizes to an array of destinations across the world.

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"One of the most talked about issues is seat size, noticeably changed since the years I used to fly, including reduced legroom and overall comfort.

"Not only does this impact the comfort during a flight but leaves you wondering how the cost can reflect the now reduced comfort.

"Accommodating more passengers has clearly overcome the need for passenger comfort."

Comfort on flights may have become less of a priority, but this could have been influenced by passengers, the expert added.

She claimed travellers are more interested in getting a good deal than flying in luxury.

Justine continued: "The problem we have today goes much bigger than just an airline trying to scrimp and save a couple of pounds here and there.

"Is an airline going to choose comfort over the churn of cost-effective seating for those people looking at the cheapest option available to them, who let's face it, are less conscious about the experience and value the final destination and cost at a higher priority."

The expert added airlines have to fight lots of factors to keep the costs low.

People on busy flight

Planes have changed to accommodate more flyers 


She said: "Who can blame an airline, when market pressure dictates the need?

"[They face] a rise in the cost of fuel, clawing back lost income during Covid and competition reducing rates and attracting cost-conscious travellers, especially in a time where money has to go much further than it ever has before."

Another travel expert added the size of seats had shrunk by more than an inch.

They said seats have become smaller and more cramped unless opting for business or first class tickets.

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