British expat explains 'instant' difference of life abroad from the UK

The beach Hague

An expat moved from London to The Hague

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/09/2023

- 04:00

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:29

A British expat shared their experience after moving from the UK to the Netherlands

Moving overseas can be a wonderful experience and a great chance to explore a different pace of life.

Brit Jonathan Williams moved from London to The Hague in the Netherlands and noticed the differences "instantly".

He moved with his family as a remote job allowed him to work from anywhere and the move gave him the opportunity to get more living space for his money.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Jonathan explained what he first noticed in the European country.

He stated: "The effect was instant. For one, the size of property you can get for an equivalent price in the UK is bigger so we immediately had a sense of space.

"I run my business Rosely Group remotely so having an office at home made a huge difference too."

Property prices are generally lower in the Hague compared to London so it is more affordable to get a bigger space.

Jonathan shared the different pace of life and how maintaining an active lifestyle is more common.

He added: "Aside from this the pace of life is more aligned towards families and towards making the most of each day.

"People aren’t rushing in the same way as they were in the UK and people take time to find a work-life balance.

"In Holland you go everywhere on your bike too so the general activity in a day is more and we feel much healthier."

Of course, moving anywhere is not without its challenges and the expat explained the difficulties of getting visas and taxes sorted with "fewer options" and "more paperwork".

The Hague Netherlands

He noted the differences of life abroad


"But once it's done, it's done," he continued. "However leaving behind close friends and family has been tough.

"Losing the ability to be spontaneous and meet friends after work has had a big impact."

He praised the nearby beach, which comes after the best beaches in the world were named.

The expat found Holland was an easy choice as his partner is Dutch and his children have dual nationality.

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