'It's unpleasant!' A woman in Spain shares 'dangerous' weather warning for expats

'It's unpleasant!' A woman in Spain shares 'dangerous' weather warning for expats

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 09/04/2024

- 05:00

A woman living in Spain shared what she finds the most difficult about life in the country and warned others ahead of moving

Moving abroad comes with unexpected challenges and it is good to get advice from those who live in an area before making the move.

A woman in Spain shared what she "hates" the most about life there and what others should consider.

Some of the main reasons Britons move to Spain are for the weather and for affordable living. However, Lucia explained neither of these things may be as they seem.

She stated some things have become more expensive and prices are on the rise when it comes to renting and getting a mortgage.

Beach in Spain / woman in Spain

A woman in Spain shared advice about moving


"Your wallet might feel the pinch," she said as she explained on her YouTube channel My Daily Spanish that "taxes are high" because of things like free health care.

"The rents in the past few years have become very expensive for the money we make working in Spain," she added.

While rent has gone up, she added buying a house is "cheaper than in other places", although mortgage rates are starting to climb.

She said another "unpleasant" thing is the soaring temperatures in summer that can go higher than 45 degrees in some areas.

While the heat in Spain is a huge draw for expats, she said it can be unbearable in some areas during the summer.

The woman explained: "It's very hot in summer in central and southern Spain. In the south, we don't go out during the day. It is dangerous. We only go out from 8pm or 9pm when it gets cooler."

Something expats and holidaymakers should know is people in Spain have a different way of life, which includes taking siestas.

This is where businesses and residents have a break in the afternoon after lunch. This means many shops will close during this time which can be difficult.

Beach in Spain

She warned about extreme weather


"Another thing I hate is that on Sundays almost everything shuts down, except for services like restaurants or bars," Lucia continued.

"Remember, if you need to shop or run errands, do it before Sunday." This comes as an expat who moved to Spain gave a warning about the water that "no one talks about".

She shared why she will not drink tap water even though it is safe to do so.

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