The cheapest British staycation spot named as a 'beautiful' place with 'amazing countryside'

Mountains in Yorkshire

North Yorkshire was the best location for deals

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 21/09/2023

- 11:32

Updated: 21/09/2023

- 11:32

The 10 staycation spots where Britons can get the best deals have been named, with locations in northern England and the midlands dominating the list

North Yorkshire could be the cheapest place for a weekend getaway, according to a new study.

Research analysed which UK locations had the cheapest deals for a three night stay.

The data, collected by Snaptrip Group, was collected from stays in August and the cheapest prices started from around £20 per person per night.

It grouped the country by region and found a trip to the north is the cheapest option.

Bridge in Yorkshire

The area has 'amazing countryside'


North Yorkshire is England's largest county and it has lots of wonder staycation options for those wanting a quick getaway break.

Those visiting Yorkshire can enjoy a day trip to the Yorkshire Dales, which is a popular option among tourists on Tripadvisor.

It has been given five out of five stars by reviewers and one praised it as a "beautiful experience".

Another said they "highly recommended" visiting the "amazing countryside".

Snaptrip CEO Matt Fox stated: "This data really shows that if you know where to look, there are great value staycation options available, even during peak times.

"What impressed me most is the average quality and positivity of the reviews for these properties at relatively low prices.

"The fact that the top 10 are all in Northern England or The Midlands reflects the fact that some of these areas are popular tourist spots and so naturally have a lot of supply to be filled.

"It also shows the great value to be had in some of England's most beautiful spots."

This comes as the best pub in the UK was named as a spot in the north of England.

The safest British spot to live in was also named as an island off Scotland.

UK countryside

Lots of spots in the north of England made the list


Cheapest staycation spots

North Yorkshire - 13.23 per cent of total deals

Cumbria - 7.83 per cent of total deals

Derbyshire - 7.62 per cent of total deals

Shropshire - 5.73 per cent of total deals

West Yorkshire - 4.83 per cent of total deals

East Riding - 4.43 per cent of total deals

Lincolnshire - 3.28 per cent of total deals

Lancashire - 3.10 per cent of total deals

County Durham - 3.01 per cent of total deals

Northumberland - three per cent of total deals

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