Apple’s faster MagSafe charging speeds now available on Anker battery packs, thanks to Qi2 wireless standard

latest anker battery packs and chargers pictured in a circle with apple devices charging

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 28/02/2024

- 15:34

Apple worked with other firms, like Google and Anker, to decide the new standard for wireless charging

  • Advantages of Apple's proprietary MagSafe system are now widely-available
  • Wireless standard Qi2, co-developed with Apple, includes all the same features
  • Anker has launched a range of new Qi2-certified battery packs
  • Confirmed at MWC, the collection is sold under its MagGo brand name
  • You can buy the latest chargers from its own website or Amazon UK

Battery brand Anker is now selling some of the first external battery packs and chargers rated to the new Qi2 standard. This is a new industry standard that works across iPhone and Android, building on many of the best features that Apple introduced with its MagSafe system back in September 2020.

MagSafe made its debut with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It uses a ring of magnets fitted inside the case to guarantee the charger is perfectly aligned ― solving one of the biggest headaches with wireless charging: devices not charging properly because they’re not in the correct position.

Since MagSafe guaranteed precise alignment, Apple offered faster and more efficient power transfer than regular wireless chargers on iPhone. And now the Wireless Power Consortium ― which counts Apple, Google and Samsung amongst its members ― has agreed on the Qi2 open standard, these benefits are coming to a slew of new accessories and phones.

a man watches a show on his iphone while its propped up on an anker external power bank

The latest battery pack from Anker doubles-up as a stand for your iPhone, with everything held in place using magnets — exactly like we've already seen from Apple's proprietary MagSafe system


While MagSafe was built by adding new features to the previous Qi wireless standard, Qi2 has all of the benefits of MagSafe. In other words, if you’re looking for a new wireless charger or battery pack and you’ve got an iPhone 12 or newer in your pocket, look for Qi2 or MagSage in the listing.

Anker, another member of the Wireless Power Consortium, has launched a slew of Qi2-certified kit during the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona. The new MagGo range matches the 15-watt fast-charging capabilities of Apple's own MagSafe puck and includes magnets inside each accessory to snap the charging elements in alignment with your smartphone.

The new range includes a MagGo Power Bank, which is available in either 6,600mAh or 10,000mAh capacities. The latter has a small LCD screen that displays real-time battery statistics, including the amount of time left to charge, and a kickstand so you can use it as a stand while refilling your phone.

If you’re travelling with a few different Apple gadgets, the MagGo Wireless Charging Station could be worth a look. It has a folding design that includes charging points for an iPhone, Apple Watch, and wireless earbuds, like the AirPods Pro.

You can charge the MagGo Charging Station while it’s refilling your devices too, so even if you’re near a plug, it can be a handy way to avoid packing three separate cables, plugs, and adapters for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPodswhen travelling abroad.

Since it’s certified to Qi2, this Anker charger can top-up everything at the same speed as the Apple-engineered MagSafe charger too.

Although these devices were first revealed during CES in Las Vegas last month, the Mobile World Congress announcement marks the first time they’re available on UK store shelves.

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