Michael Schumacher team-mate makes emotional admission about F1 icon - 'Everyone loses out'

Michael Schumacher F1

F1 icon Michael Schumacher hasn't been seen in public for over a decade

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 06/09/2023

- 10:21

Updated: 06/09/2023

- 15:00

The 54-year-old hasn't been seen in public for a decade

Michael Schumacher's old team-mate Johnny Herbert believes 'everyone loses out' amid the ongoing absence of the German.

The F1 icon sustained life-threatening injuries following a devastating skiing accident in December 2013. in France.

Schumacher spent several weeks in a coma, and months in hospital, before eventually being allowed home.

The 54-year-old hasn't been seen in public in the time since, with the F1 world hurt by the loss of such a big figure.

Johnny Herbert F1

Johnny Herbert raced alongside Michael Schumacher at Ferrari


And Herbert, speaking to CasinoSite.nl, has claimed 'everyone loses out' while also admitting it's particularly sad for the Formula One icon's son, Mick.

“We have lost a megastar of our sport who gave so much enjoyment to a lot of people,” Herbert said.

“It was very sad that Mick couldn’t have his Dad around and it is sad that we as an F1 community don’t have him around the paddock.

“It is a shame. Everyone loses out on learning about the Michael Schumacher we never saw when he was in the cockpit.”

Even some of Schumacher's close friends and family have been left in the dark by the German's condition.

His son, Mick, has endured a difficult start to his F1 career.

The 24-year-old has been hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father by achieving success in the sport.

Mick made his F1 World Championship debut in 2021 and had a spell at Haas before being dumped by the team the following year.

The German struggled for the team, finishing 19th in the standings after his first season and 16th after his second.

Herbert, however, is unsure if Mick will drive again.

“I think Mick Schumacher is in one of those horrible F1 situations that he probably did not impress enough when he was at Haas," he added.

“And because of that he is damaged. And no-one is going to talk about him.”

Another Ferrari icon, Jean Todt, said back in April that Schumacher should be 'left alone' as he continues to recover.

"Let's leave him alone," Todt, who was Schumacher's team principal during the height of his success, said.

"We respect the privacy wishes of Corinna and her children, although we know of course that the accident had consequences.

"But anyone who says he knows something, knows nothing.

"I always go to see him. He and his family are my family."

Meanwhile, Piero Ferrari recently said that Schumacher would sleep at his father's office during the early days of the team.

“For sure, really was THE champion Michael," Pierro said.

"Really was very professional, was very brave, was very intelligent. My father for sure, [would have been] very happy to have a driver like him.


Michael Schumacher Ferrari

Michael Schumacher became an icon of F1 during his time with Ferrari


"You know Michael was sleeping here upstairs! I never saw a guy like him really.

"So concentrated in what he was doing."

There have been no pictures of Schumacher since his tragic accident in the French Alps a decade ago.

However, a close friend reportedly snapped a picture of the star lying in his bed three years after the accident.

The person allegedly tried to smuggle photos out of the family's mansion and auction them off. Fortunately, they were prevented from being shown to the public and have remained buried in the years since.

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