Lewis Hamilton up against it as Felipe Massa expects backing in F1 legal case

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Lewis Hamilton faces losing one of his F1 titles if Felipe Massa gets his way

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 12/11/2023

- 14:54

The Brit's triumph back in 2008 is currently in the spotlight

Felipe Massa has revealed he expects support from Ferrari as he looks to overturn Lewis Hamilton's 2008 title triumph.

The Briton won a first F1 crown of his career that year while racing for McLaren and has since proceeded to add six more to his collection.

Massa is seeking to get the 2008 result overturned, however.

The Brazilian is currently awaiting documents from the FIA and Formula One, with a November 15 deadline in place.

Felipe Massa F1

Lewis Hamilton's F1 triumph in 2008 is being looked at with Felipe Massa hoping the result will be overturned


Massa doesn't want any financial settlement and believes the Singapore Grand Prix of 15 years ago had been fixed.

Ferrari have, to this point, been quiet on the matter.

Likewise Hamilton, who didn't pursue legal action after being prevented from winning the 2021 title by Max Verstappen in controversial circumstances.

Yet Massa, speaking to Racing News 365, thinks Ferrari will aid his cause by lending their support.

"I am still expecting to be together and have support, because at the end, we lost the championship together," he said.

"I love Ferrari, it is part of my heart and I am definitely a big Ferrari fan and will be all my life for everything [that happened] during my time with the team, with the fans, the opportunities and the dreams that I had.

"So I definitely expect it to be on my side, because we lost the championship together through the manipulation that happened.

"Anytime that you hear about Toto Wolff talking about 2021, he is the most supportive person.

"So with that, I cannot really believe that Ferrari won't be on that situation with me.

"For the moment, they are quiet, but I really believe they will be on my side, and I really hope that is the case because that is the correct thing for what happened to us.

"What happened to me, happened to Ferrari as well."

Massa also revealed that many people in Brazil are backing him amid the row over his 2008 title.

And he claims people around the world are on his side, too.

"The reaction is very, very supportive," he added.

"Everywhere I go, in the airport, the supermarket, the restaurant, people stop me to say that they are on my side and that I need to fight because what happened to you is not part of the sport and that I am the champion.

"I have amazing support from different people in the country, but not even just Brazil, sometimes in the United States, I have support and Europe as well.

"Many people in the racing world, you can sometimes see they are a bit afraid to express their support for me, but there are many who back me, even inside motorsport, so I am not doing it alone.

"I'm doing it for my country because Brazil lost out by not being recognised as a champion.

"That could have been amazing to help motorsport grow - and we don't have a Brazilian driver in Formula 1 at the moment.

"It could have been different, looking at what [Ayrton] Senna did for other Brazilians.


Lewis Hamilton F1

Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning his first F1 title all the way back in 2008


"I am not comparing myself with Senna, but we know how important that championship would have been for the country."

Back in September, meanwhile, Hamilton said he wouldn't be getting involved in the case.

“If that’s the direction that Felipe wants to go, that’s his decision," he said.

“I prefer not to focus on the past.

“Whether it’s 15 years ago, two years ago, or three days ago. I’m only interested in the present and my focus is on helping my team this week.”

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