Tyson Fury's father sets retirement record straight and rants about 'legs are gone' comments

Tyson Fury John Fury

Tyson Fury's father John Fury has hit back at suggestions his son's 'legs have gone'

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 12/11/2023

- 11:53

The Gypsy King was poor during his recent victory over Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury's father, John, has slammed former boxer Johnny Nelson after he claimed the Gypsy King's 'legs had gone'.

The 35-year-old was underwhelming during his victory over Francis Ngannou at the end of last month.

Fury was sensationally knocked down in round three of that battle, with Ngannou making his boxing debut.

While the Gypsy King won via split decision, Nelson was critical and said the boxer's 'legs had gone'.

Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury was underwhelming during his recent win over Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia


He said: “He was either unprofessional or Tyson Fury has started to slip.

"His legs have gone. I’m trying to think have his legs gone and he’s started to slip and we’ve now seen it?

“I am saying to you now – Tyson Fury, if you’re saying you trained your legs have gone.

"I’m gonna get screamed at, everyone’s gonna give me so much hammer because I’m saying something that nobody’s picked up on. I think his legs have gone.

“Even if Tyson Fury underestimated him and thought he was a walk in the park, then his basics – jabbing, hitting and moving – should have been enough to keep him off … You might be shocked at me saying it, but look at the fight.”

Yet John, speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, has taken aim at Nelson and other pundits for criticising his son.

And he's shot down talk of his son potentially retiring by saying Fury would bounce back whenever he fights next.

“They’re full of s**t. Forget them. They’re haters. Shut up. God Almighty," he ranted.

"You know what I’m amazed at? How little these so-called boxing experts actually know about their job.

"Ngannou is built like a tree and the kid can fight.

"It’s not how bad they want to look at Tyson. Tyson was okay.

"It’s how good the other kid was. Give Ngannou credit. He brought the action and he’s a man mountain.

“I think Tyson did very well, but the game plan could’ve been better.

"A lot of things could’ve been better, but I know my soon, he can get it right next time can’t he.”

Fury's next fight is expected to be against Oleksandr Usyk, despite the Ukrainian admitting he's unsure if the showdown will go ahead.

The duo had been pencilled in to fight in Saudi Arabia on December 23.

But Fury needs more time to recover from his fight with Ngannou, having been left with severe bruising over his eye.

Usyk feels Fury underestimated Ngannou prior to their bout.

And the Ukrainian believes his upcoming opponent will be significantly better whenever they're finally able to step into the ring together.

"I think that Tyson Fury underestimated Francis Ngannou," Usyk said.

"He will be different with me. I think he will make some conclusions after his last fight.


Oleksandr Usyk boxing

Tyson Fury won't be underestimated by Oleksandr Usyk despite his poor performance in Francis Ngannou win


"But again, I absolutely don't care about how he'll behave. What I care for is how I will behave.

"Ngannou did a good job in the gym. Then showed a good level on the ring.

"Very few people believed in Ngannou. Even when I was asked about him I replied that he's not enough."

He continued: "He [Fury] is big, complicated, strong. "But, I am slightly smaller, and I have an incredible motivation, and I'm hungry for boxing. I'm not motivated by money.

"I don't care about material things. I care for the path I follow.

"I was [working for] this for 20 years. And I think that in February, we'll hear the bell."

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