Joey Barton tells trans referee 'you're not well' as former footballer continues to spark controversy

Joey Barton tells trans referee 'you're not well' as former footballer continues to spark controversy

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 22/12/2023

- 14:07

The 41-year-old isn't mincing his words on social media

Joey Barton has rowed with a trans referee as the former footballer continues to air his outspoken views on social media.

The 41-year-old is currently without a job after being sacked by Bristol Rovers back in October.

Barton sparked a backlash earlier this month by saying female pundits and presenters shouldn't be working in the men's game.

He has also targeted a TV presenter, labelling them 'fat'.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton has caused controversy with his views on female football pundits and presenters


And Barton was slammed by fans after saying England goalkeeper Mary Earps shouldn't have won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

The former Manchester City, QPR and Newcastle star ripped into a female goalkeeper for a mistake earlier on Thursday.

That led to Lucy Clark, who describes herself as the 'first openly transgender football referee in the world', to respond to his comments.

"All Goalkeepers make mistakes Joey and I've seen a lot worse than that in the Premier League," said Clark.

"Even professionals in the English game smash penalties over the bar as well.

"You're just a misogynist with a massive chip on your shoulder..."

And Barton has now retorted, saying: "Don’t you start.

"Lucy??? I’m a misogynist?

"You’re not well my mate."

That wasn't the end of the spat, however, with Clark responding by saying: "Will call out hate when I see it for sure....the 3 ??? are very telling on your views as well.

"I am very well thanks 'mate' I feel you're the one who needs some help."

Barton then posted a GIF of a clown holding up a mirror.

He accompanied his post with the caption: "Hopefully, Santa gets you one of these for Christmas pal."

Barton has continued his attack on Earps, too.

One fan said: "Had someone saying prime [Alan] Shearer doesn't score 100/100 penalties against Mary Earps."


Barton said: "She'd look like a Big Block of Swiss Cheese if Big @alanshearer took 10 pens at her in his prime."

While the 41-year-old has sparked a backlash with his comments, however, the FA aren't able to fine him.

And that's because Barton is currently without a job due to his departure from Bristol Rovers two months ago.

While Barton has an issue with female presenters and pundits, he also appears to have an issue with women referees.

Rebecca Welch will make history when she becomes the first woman to referee a Premier League match when Fulham lock horns with Burnley on Saturday.

Lucy Clark

Joey Barton has rowed with Lucy Clark on social media


However, Barton has made it clear he opposes the idea.

"Fast tracked," he wrote on X. "RW was in League 2 a couple of years ago. I’m not sure she is good enough just yet.

"I hope she does well because it will set women back otherwise.

"I will be surprised if she has the athletic ability to keep up with play and see the full picture to make correct calls.

"Hope she doesn’t slow the game down to her speed, so she can survive the physical expenditure needed at PL level. Stinks of Tokenism."

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