David Beckham 'resentment' revealed by Michael Owen despite being team-mates for England

David Beckham Michael Owen

David Beckham and Michael Owen starred for England at multiple tournaments

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 30/11/2023

- 12:38

The duo played together for club and country during their time in football

Michael Owen has revealed he 'resents' David Beckham following his red card for England at the 1998 World Cup.

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG star was dismissed for a kick on Diego Simeone.

England proceeded to crash out of the tournament on penalties, with Beckham then targeted with abuse in the months that followed.

He ended up becoming a Three Lions legend, making 115 caps.

David Beckham England Argentina

David Beckham was sent off as England lost to Argentina at the 1998 World Cup


Owen, meanwhile, played with Beckham for England.

And they were also team-mates for a year at Real Madrid, too.

Now, however, the former striker has revealed he still has 'resentment' over Beckham's red card - insisting his old team-mate made a 'mistake'.

“Firstly, I don’t believe David Beckham’s kick out at Diego Simeone should’ve been a red card, but that is irrelevant," he told William Hill.

"He made a mistake and that is where my resentment lies.

“For a lot of players you only get one shot at a World Cup, and he made a big mistake – he would admit that.

"You could say that it contributed to us being knocked out and that is a big thing.

“You can resent a lot of things if you use that word, and I do resent a lot of things.

"Paul Ince missed a penalty and I resent him choosing to shoot the ball one way instead of the other, in the same way I resent Beckham making the decision to kick out at Simeone.

“I resent his actions for all manner of reasons.

"It was a mistake that only he made and it makes you think that if he hadn’t done it, we could have beaten Argentina.

"I’m absolutely convinced that we would’ve beaten them with 11 men because we were the better team.

"We had an unbelievable team so of course I think to myself what could have been.”

"England have a history of self-imploding."

Owen thinks the pressure has got to England too many times at big tournaments, citing Wayne Rooney's red card against Portugal in 2006 as an example.

“You have the Beckham red card and then you have the situation where Wayne Rooney stamped on Ricardo Carvalho," he added.

"It makes you think that a lot of times when we have gone out of tournaments, it’s not actually always for footballing reasons.

"We almost shoot ourselves in the foot.

“I regularly go to bed wondering how we never won something with England, given the quality of some of the teams that we had.”

And Owen also thinks Beckham's red card cost England glory, insisting Glenn Hoddle would have steered the country to the prize they crave.


David Beckham Michael Owen

David Beckham and Michael Owen were briefly team-mates at Real Madrid


“At the time, the world went absolutely mad over the whole situation," he added.

"Everyone was very angry towards David at that point.

"It must be a horrible feeling when everyone is going at you like that, you’d be scared to leave your house.

“In a time like that you’d want certain people to have your back.

"I don’t know exactly what was said by Glenn Hoddle and whether he did throw David to the wolves, but I do know that he is of the opinion that it shouldn’t have been a red card.

Michael Owen England

David Beckham's red card cost Glenn Hoddle and England World Cup glory, Michael Owen believes


"He thinks it was a joke of a decision.

“I can understand that if I was in a moment of need when I’d made a big mistake, I would want my manager to come out and support me.

"I’m sure Glenn looks back and thinks that he would change one or two of the decisions he made, but he was a top-class coach.

“Glenn was an incredible manager.

"If he had stayed on and managed the ‘Golden Generation’, then I think we would have won a World Cup.”

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