KSI mocks Jake Paul as YouTuber announces 'fight' against George Foreman in April Fool's prank

KSI mocks Jake Paul as YouTuber announces 'fight' against George Foreman in April Fool's prank

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 01/04/2024

- 19:40

The Brit has posted a mocked-up promo of him fighting the former heavyweight champion

KSI has trolled Jake Paul by announcing he will fight 75-year-old George Foreman in an April Fool's Day prank.

The YouTube sensation has mocked his rival ahead of his much-publicised bout against Mike Tyson this July.

It was announced in March that 57-year-old Tyson would be coming out of boxing retirement to face Paul on July 20.

The fight, which will take place in Texas and will be streamed live on Netflix, has received widespread criticism within the boxing fraternity.

KSI and Jake Paul

KSI trolled Jake Paul with an April Fool's joke on social media


Tyson hasn't fought professionally since 2005 but last had an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

KSI has become the latest figure to take a clear dig at the event with a humorous post on social media.

The 30-year-old is bitter rivals with Paul and a fight between the two has been on the cards for several years.

KSI posted a mocked-up image advertising a fight between him and former two-time heavyweight champion Foreman.

He wrote on X: "I’m back baby! Fighting 75 year old legend and former champ.

"Don’t worry, age ain’t nothing but a number. Foreman hits harder and is faster than ever before!"

The fake promo gave further details to show that KSI was mocking Paul and Tyson's bout.

It read: "No judges. 5 second rounds. 150oz gloves. No knockouts. No punching allowed."

It also claimed the fight was being shown on 'Notflix' and will take place on April 1 at Wembley Stadium.

Foreman hasn't fought professionally since 1997 when he lost to Shannon Briggs in New Jersey at the age of 48.

Some fans thought KSI's 'announcement' would fool some people.

One X user responded: "People are about to start posting this thinking it’s real."

While another put: "Sad thing is people will think this is real too."


KSI and George Foreman

KSI joked he was fighting 75-year-old George Foreman


Many rules for the fight between Paul and Tyson remain unclear with just over three months before they enter the ring.

Reports claim Paul and Tyson want it to be regarded as a professional bout.

Tyson's last opponent Jones Jr says he has heard that it has already been upgraded from an exhibition.

He told The Lunch Club: "The Jake Paul Mike Tyson fight is not an exhibition, I’ve heard it’s been upgraded to a fight.

"If it’s a fight, it’s very intriguing how it may turn out because Jake Paul has gotten a lot better as a boxer over the days but Mike Tyson even at 58 or however old he is, is still Mike Tyson.

"When I boxed him, he still punched like Mike Tyson. If he hits anybody square on the chin it’s going to be problematic, I don’t care who it is.

"I like Jake Paul, he’s a good guy and he’s doing good with his boxing stuff. I think it’s a good promotional situation for him and Mike, they should go really good numbers especially having upgraded to a real fight."

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