Saudi Arabia's decision on punishing John Fury revealed as headbutt sparks anger in boxing world

Saudi Arabia's decision on punishing John Fury revealed as headbutt sparks anger in boxing world

WATCH NOW: John Fury aims headbutt to shock boxing world

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/05/2024

- 09:31

The 59-year-old attacked Stanislav Stepchuk on Monday

Saudi Arabia have decided to draw a line under the John Fury headbutting incident after the 59-year-old attacked Stanislav Stepchuk on Monday, according to reports.

John and Stepchuk are currently in the Middle East ahead of Tyson Fury's seismic showdown with Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday night.

But the build-up to the fight was marred on Monday, with anger boiling over.

John caused anger by headbutting a member of Usyk's team, sending shockwaves around the boxing world in the process.

John Fury headbutt

Boxing news: Saudi Arabia won't be punishing John Fury for his headbutt on Stanislav Stepchuk


Some fans have called on John to face legal action for the violent attack.

Yet Sky say that won't be happening, with Saudi authorities set to draw a line under the incident instead.

Stepchuk isn't likely to press charges and, therefore, John is poised to remain in the country to support his son ahead of Saturday's big event.

The fracas started with Fury and Usyk camps both shouting the surnames of their respective fighters.

It all seemed innocent enough - until John decided to throw his head towards Stepchuk, with the 59-year-old left covered in blood in the aftermath.

To his credit, John has since apologised for his attack.

"Sincere apologies to everybody involved. It's just the way we are. Emotions and tensions are running high. He was a very disrespectful fella," he said.

"If you come close in a fighting man's space, you're gonna cop for something.

"What matters to me is respect for my son and he wasn't showing any of it. He mentioned my son and that was it, so he had to have it.

"It doesn't bother me [bleeding], it's what we live for, we're fighting people. That's a regular occurrence to me."

Stepchuk, meanwhile, has told Seconds Out that he didn't fight back because of the age difference between himself and John.

He did, however, warn Fury's father that he could have a heart attack due to how worked up he gets.

“I was just supporting our team," he said.

“We were only shouting, 'Usyk, Usyk,' I didn't touch him. He went crazy… Yeah [I wanted to punch him], but because of the age difference it would not be very fair."

He added: “He should not look for an actual fight because he could have a heart attack and finish in the ambulance.”


Boxing news John Fury

Boxing news: John Fury has apologised after headbutting a member of Oleksandr Usyk's team


Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, has claimed he initially thought John had been hit first.

And he believes the image of John headbutting his ally sends out all the wrong messages to the rest of the world.

"I saw John Fury was bleeding, it was almost out of control, so I jumped in and told everyone to calm down," he said.

"I apologised for my guys because I thought initially that my guy, one of our guys, hit John.

"But then I saw the video and it was vice versa! So I have to take my apologies back or what? What should I do? It was his misbehaviour.

John Fury

Boxing news: Alexander Krassyuk has blasted John Fury after he headbutted Stanislav Stepchuk on Monday


"So I think it would be proper if he brings his [apology] because this kind of behaviour does not give a good impression about us to the rest of the world.

"This is a classic sport. This is the diamond of combat sports.

"And people have to know that boxing is a sport of intelligent people, that’s why [he must apologise]. It’s up to him, but let the world know that we are intelligent people."

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