‘What have the BEEB got? There's no live rights so they've got Gary Lineker’ Sport pundit gives his verdict on BBC

‘What have the BEEB got? There's no live rights so they've got Gary Lineker’ Sport pundit gives his verdict on BBC

Chris Skudder debates Gary Lineker's contract extension

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/11/2023

- 17:12

The presenter is reportedly set for a new contract

Gary Lineker’s mooted new BBC contract has been explained by sports broadcaster Chris Skudder.

He says the channel’s lack of access to live sporting events leaves them with little choice but to tie the presenter down to a lucrative contract.

The Beeb are reportedly set to confirm an extension to their rights to show Premier League highlights.

Along with a deal running until 2029, the broadcaster is now said to have its sights set on a new deal for the face of their football coverage.

Chris Skudder and Gary Lineker

Chris Skudder has explained why the BBC needs Gary Lineker


Speaking on GB News, Skudder questioned what the broadcaster has to offer with its football coverage barring analysis.

“They clearly want to keep him, and it’s going to come to pass”, he said.


Gary Lineker

Lineker is reportedly set for a new BBC contract


“They’ve got a lot of football highlights. A lot don’t want to watch that but it’s all they’ve got to offer.

“Apart from the Euros and the World Cup, there is no Premier League live stuff so they have to feed off highlights.

“So what do the Beeb want? They want analysis. He brings that and his mates that come with him. That’s what they want.”

Speaking on the matter was GB News host Nana Akua, who said there are “plenty of great broadcasters” who should step in ahead of Lineker.

“People like him are just standing in the way constantly”, she said.

“There are 1.35 million who can do a better job for a fraction of the money. I think the British people should speak.

“What if the British people said, ‘no, we don’t want this’.”

The new contract, first reported by the Daily Mail, would come just weeks after Lineker praised new social media guidelines implemented by the broadcaster for its presenters.

The BBC’s highest paid presenter heralded them as “sensible”, despite it leading to the likes of Carol Vorderman being sacked from the corporation.

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