'They are our British Identity!' Bev Turner says she 'loves' the Royal Family

'They are our British Identity!' Bev Turner says she 'loves' the Royal Family

Princess Catherine describes Charlotte as 'the one in charge'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 02/05/2024

- 14:45

Bev claimed that her "love" for the Royal Family has grown as she got older

GB News host Bev Turner has claimed that the Royal Family are "our British identity" as she expressed her love for the monarchy.

This comes as Princess Charlotte has been celebrating her ninth birthday, and the host also revealed how much she loves the Wales children.

Speaking on GB News Bev said: "I love the Royal Family now. I didn't, I was always a little bit ambivalent, but I think you get it with age, don't you? And also they are our British identity."

Co-host Andrew Pierce agreed with her and said: "So do I. They're a bit of escapism too and they are cute those kids." Bev said: "They are."

Royal Family portrait

Bev Turner said that she "loves" the Royal Family

Royal Family

Andrew added: "I like the fact that the boys misbehave at the photoshoots."

Then Bev revealed: "I love Louis, I have a real soft spot for Louis."


This comes as Princess Charlotte is celebrating her ninth birthday and the Prince and Princess of Wales took to social media to post a snap of their only daughter posing for her birthday.

GB News royal reporter Cameron Walker said: "Happy birthday to Princess Charlotte of Wales, of course.

"Kensington Palace released the photograph on their social media channels.

"It was taken by the Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte's mother, in the grounds of Windsor Castle in the last couple of days and it is a very modern way that they released it again, similar to Prince Louis last week, on social media channels first thanking the public directly for their kind messages of support for Princess Charlotte's birthday.

Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner

Andrew Pierce agreed with her and said that they are a sense of "escapism"

GB News

"Unlike what they usually would do, which is release it to the press under embargo the day before so the papers can have it the next morning.

"But just looking at this picture here, Princess Charlotte's face reminds me of the late Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, and also her father, Prince William.

"It seems to be the same smile which clearly shows that they're a family, of course, and she's got some nice kind of braided bracelets on her right wrist as well."

Cameron told GB News viewers that the young princess has a fiery nature and is often spotted telling off her brothers.

Princess CharlottePrincess Charlotte posing for her ninth birthday portraitPrincess of Wales

"Princess Catherine described her recently as the one in charge. She was spotted reminding her older brother George, who of course, is the future king, to bow to the coffin of their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, back in September 2022.

"She's also been known to keep her younger brother Prince Louis in check on several occasions.

"Prince Louis was, let's say, over-enthusiastic with his waving to the crowds in the carriage during Trooping the Colour last year, and Princess Charlotte just very calmly put her hand on his to calm him down a little bit.

"On the balcony, Prince Louis accidentally smacked his older sister in the head, which didn't go down too well with Princess Charlotte.

"But she clearly knew she was on display and did not make too much of a fuss and kind of let it slide. Perhaps in private, there was a bit more of a reckoning to be had with her younger brother. "

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