King Charles ‘cunning’ over Prince Andrew Royal Lodge row says Angela Levin

King Charles ‘cunning’ over Prince Andrew Royal Lodge row says Angela Levin

Royal Biographer Angela Levin says King Charles is 'cunning' with Prince Andrew

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 05/10/2023

- 12:48

Updated: 05/10/2023

- 13:29

Angela Levin revealed King Charles' latest plan with Royal Lodge

Angela Levin has said that King Charles is being "cunning" with Prince Andrew, after a royal insider revealed that the monarch has 'struck a deal' with Prince Andrew in order to continue staying at Royal Lodge.

A royal insider claimed that "no one, not least His Majesty, believes there is any realistic, long-term chance of the Duke of York being able to keep the roof at Royal Lodge over his head".

Speaking to GB News presenter Patrick Christys, the royal biographer shared her thoughts on the claim, and the relationship between King Charles and Prince Andrew.

Patrick asked: “Is this a temporary solution? Or are we going to end up with Prince Andrew living like an old aristocrat with the roof falling down, frog spawn in his swimming pool, spiders everywhere, looking like a Roman ruin?”

Levin replied: “No, I doubt that. But the thing is, he hasn't got much of his own money. The late Queen Elizabeth, his mother, used to give him about £250,000 a year for him to live on. He hasn't got that anymore. King Charles stopped that when he became King.

“And the problem is that there's a lot of leaking. And I don't mean people telling people's stories. I mean actually water coming through the roof and through the windows. And King Charles has said he can stay there if he looks after everything and repairs it all. But I don't think that he can do that."

Levin continued: "What is actually quite interesting and not cunning but almost cunning of King Charles is to let him stay there because his ex-wife, the Duchess of York, who had a very long operation, breast cancer, and she's recovering there.

"Now you know, it would look absolutely dreadful if he says you've got to get out now, which is what he said before she has discovered that she had cancer.”

Patrick then asked: “Where does he go, because he can't sell the thing, can he?”

Levin revealed: “Yeah, he can do that. His grandmother gave it to him, the Queen Mother gave it in 2004. So it was on her will. And so he's got that. And so he does own it really.

“And I think he would have to think very carefully what he wants to do with that.

"But I think there's got, how many windows have they got? 30 rooms. Who needs to have so many rooms?”

Prince Andrew attends the Coronation of King Charles III in May

Prince Andrew has been living at Royal Lodge with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson


Patrick shared his take on the latest royal row, admitting: “I don't like to see anybody turfed out of where they live. Don't get me wrong.

"But I do wonder whether or not public sympathy might be ever so slightly limited for him when you think that maybe he can sell it and make quite a bit of money off it so he's not going to be left out on the street.

"And also, you know, it is quite big right, there is that.”

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