'What has he accomplished?' Prince Harry blasted over 45 min whistle-stop return to UK

'What has he accomplished?' Prince Harry blasted over 45 min whistle-stop return to UK

WATCH: Prince Harry BLASTED: 'What's he accomplished other than collecting 11,000 air miles?!'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 07/02/2024

- 19:53

The Duke of Sussex came to visit his father after news broke that King Charles had cancer

Prince Harry has been slammed by a royal correspondent after he travelled to the UK to visit his father but stayed for only 45 minutes.

The Duke of Sussex flew from the US to the UK after news broke that King Charles had been diagnosed with a "form of cancer."

Harry arrived at Heathrow airport and traveled to Clarence House to see his father for no longer than 45 minutes before The King and Queen headed to Sandringham and Harry went to his hotel.

Prince Harry then left the following day and returned to his wife and children in the States.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry visited his father in the UK


Speaking to GB News former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole blasted The Duke for his brief visit.

He said: "Prince Harry, I mean it's difficult to see what he's accomplished apart from collecting 11,000 air miles for a 45-minute meeting yesterday at Clarence House.


"It could have been done on the telephone, or by speaking to his father like I am speaking to you right now.

"Of course, when royals meet each other, it's customary to greet each other by kissing each other on the cheek.

\u200b Michael Cole

Michael Cole blasted The Duke for his brief visit.

GB News

"That would have been absolutely impossible because Prince Harry had just come off an aeroplane 11 hours in a pressurized cigar tube at 35,000 feet, breathing the same air as 250 other people.

"For him to actually have hugged his father or kissed his father on the cheek would have been a complete and utter no-no. So it's difficult to see why he came and indeed why he's gone."

It was also reported that Prince Harry did not see his brother William while he was in the country. The two brothers' relationship has been reportedly strained since The Duke of Sussex released a tell-all memoir last year, Spare, that criticised the Royal Family.

Cole explained: "Certainly what he hasn't been doing is speaking to his brother, who we saw admirably carrying out his royal duties today at an investiture at Windsor Castle.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly did not see each other during the Dukes visit


"The contrast between the two brothers grows ever wider."

"Whether there's ever going to be a possibility of a reconciliation with his brother. I would rather doubt it.

"At the moment. I think in the epic words of Muhammad Ali, there are two chances of that, slim and none.

"I think that's how it is going to continue until there's a big change of heart at the Camelot in California.

"They should actually be looking at themselves, that it's taken a crisis within the Royal Family, the declaration of this cancer, a condition for The King.

"They should be thinking to themselves, what really matters in life? What is important? And put the trivialities behind them."

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