Prince Harry sparks fiery row over ‘selfish’ visit to London: ‘King cannot trust his son!’

Prince Harry sparks fiery row over ‘selfish’ visit to London: ‘King cannot trust his son!’

WATCH NOW: Fiery debate breaks out over Prince Harry's return to the UK

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/05/2024

- 15:22

Prince Harry will be leaving the UK for a visit to Nigeria with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's whistle stop visit to the UK has sparked a heated debate on GB News, after the royal was told by his father King Charles that he was "too busy" to meet with him.

The Duke made his return to London on Wednesday as he attended the Invictus Games anniversary service at St Paul's Cathedral.

However, no members of the Royal Family were present at the service and Harry was instead supported by his late mother Diana's family, the Spencers.

Discussing the whirlwind trip on GB News, commentator Carole Malone hit out at the "selfish" demands of Prince Harry towards the King, and claimed he had "three months" to come and visit during his father's break from duties.

Prince Harry and Carole Malone

Carole Malone said Prince Harry is 'selfish' for expecting King Charles to 'drop everything' to see him

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Defending the royal, commentator Jonathan Lis says Harry "cannot win" and claimed we "don't know what's really happening" behind closed doors.

Carole Malone briefly defended the Prince and noted that the public's reaction to Harry's arrival at St Paul's shows the public are "turning to Harry's side".

Malone told GB News: "The public is turning. I feel they're now on Harry's side and they're having a go at the King for not seeing him.

"If Harry was so keen to build bridges, he's had three months to come and see him when his dad wasn't doing anything. He even could have come last week before his engagements for the Invictus Games started. He could have come then and spend some time, but no, he comes for two days in the expects the King to drop his incredibly busy schedule to fit him in for an hour."

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was greeted by crowds as King Charles was 'too busy' to meet with his son


Malone continued: "Yesterday he met Rishi Sunak, he met the PM of Fiji, so it's not like he's just making these engagements up. He had them. And the idea that he should drop everything to fit in this selfish way is beyond."


Speaking in defence of Prince Harry, Lis highlighted that the Duke previously made an effort and "came to see the King shortly after announcing his cancer diagnosis".

Lis explained: "We have put into a little bit of perspective, and he did see him at the start of his diagnosis. He came over especially over from Los Angeles to see him. We can't have it both ways."

Malone hit back at Lis's remarks, noting: "He came for half an hour! The last visit he had, Harry went straight back to America and he did an interview with Good Morning America where he talked about the meeting.

"And yes, he didn't tell any cancer details, because probably he didn't know any."
Jonathan Lis

Jonathan Lis defended Prince Harry and says the Duke can 'never win'

GB News

Host Andrew Pierce then suggested that the King "could have found time in his diary" to meet with Harry, but "chose not to" because he "doesn't trust him".

Malone agreed with Andrew, responding: "If I was Camilla and Wills, I would say to him, do not see this man, because he's insulted both Kate and he's insulted Charles, and both are being treated for cancer.

"Harry has not come to see Charles right now. He's come to be feted for his role with the Invictus Games for the 10th anniversary."

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