Harry chose to skulk off! Duke of Sussex blasted as lawyer claims Prince ENTITLED to protection

Harry chose to skulk off! Duke of Sussex blasted as lawyer claims Prince ENTITLED to protection
GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/12/2023

- 13:59

Prince Harry is in a three-day court battle with the Home Office over his UK police protection

Prince Harry has been blasted by GB News presenter Patrick Christys, as the Duke's legal battle against the Home Office enters its third day.

The Duke of Sussex is in the High Court as part of an appeal over his security arrangements whilst in the UK.

Prince Harry had reportedly accused the Home Office of treating him "unfairly" when he was denied automatic right to police protection.

The three-day hearing enters its final day today, and due to privacy concerns, the sessions are being held mostly behind closed doors.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is in his third day of court appeal against the Home Office


The Duke's latest legal move has faced widespread criticism by royal experts.

Former Royal Protection Officer, Dai Davies, told GB News that Harry's appeal is "yet another Harry storm in a teacup".

Speaking on his GB News show, Patrick Christys criticised the Duke for taking the Home Office to court.

Patrick said the "runaway royal" couldn't be blamed for appealing the 2020 decision, joking that "everyone who takes on the Home Office at the minute seems to win."

Discussing the appeal with royal biographer Angela Levin, Patrick jibed: "His lawyers argue that he was treated less favourably when the decision was originally made.

"Look, Angela, he chose to leave the Royal Family and skulk off to the States. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for his police protection?"

Angela replied: "I followed the previous court case that he was in, and it's very interesting because this time they've missed out a few very important things.

"The whole point of it is that he wants top notch policemen who have guns and know exactly what the intelligence is for him 24/7, wherever he goes in the world. He wants one for Meghan and one for each of his children, and that will cost us a huge amount of money, massive."

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys says Prince Harry 'chose to skulk off to America'

GB News

Angela continued: "He offered to pay for it, but he they wouldn't let him pay for policemen. He can pay for very good protection officers who don't have guns and don't know absolutely the most up to date stuff.

"But he's come back to try and get that again. And his lawyer said, you know, it doesn't matter where he is in the world. It's the principle that he is the King's son and he should have it."

Patrick then argued: "Does that not carry some weight? The argument that he didn't choose what he was born into. No matter what he does going forward, he will always be our King's son?"

Angela explained: "Yes, but if he does anything to do with the Royal Family, if there is an event, if he comes over here, he has absolutely the the protection that he wants, they do that.

"But if he's over here and he's making nasty comments about the Royal Family, and he's visiting friends, he's doing all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the Royal Family."

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