Michael Cole makes shock comparison between Prince Harry and star tennis player: ‘Is there an echo?’

Michael Cole makes shock comparison between Prince Harry and star tennis player: ‘Is there an echo?’

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 23/05/2024

- 13:51

Prince Harry has been urged to adopt a shift in strategy

Prince Harry’s “whingeing” antics in Spare are comparable to the memoir of a star tennis player, according to royal reporter Michael Cole.

Speaking on GBN America, Michael Cole said the Duke of Sussex needs to “rise above” his public criticism of the Royal Family and “take the high ground”.

This is something he does not do in his memoir, Spare, where Harry takes aim at figures of the royal establishment including his brother, Prince William and mother-in-law, Queen Camilla.

Michael Cole pointed out that this bears resemblance to the book of multiple grand slam winner Andre Agassi, whose book shared the same ghost writer as Prince Harry, J.R Moehringer.

Prince Harry and Michael Cole

Michael Cole has drawn a comparison between Harry and a star tennis player


“He wrote the autobiography of Andre Agassi, the tennis player, and what was the theme of that?”, he asked.

“It was, ‘I hate tennis, I hate my father, I hate my father for making me play tennis’. Is there an echo there?


Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi had the same ghostwriter for his autobiography as Harry did for Spare


“Is there a comparison with these two books? Because throughout Spare, Harry is a whinge. Nobody likes that.

“I think it’s not a good look. As a royal prince, you’ve got to rise above that. You’ve got to be something rather special.

“You’ve got to actually take the high ground and show people how to behave. This isn’t the way to be, because families that are decent in all levels of society come together during crisis and they love each other.”

GBN America host Nana Akua waded in to point out another comparison with the two books, highlighting the “full front face shot”.

The book saw the duke make a series of staggering claims about royal life, including being teased about his panic attacks by his brother, the Prince of Wales.

He also claims his father, King Charles, would often put his own interests above his son and made reference to use of Class A drugs.

The book has exacerbated the tensions that were already prevalent in the royal household, highlighted most starkly by Harry and William not being on speaking terms.

The duke has jetted back to the UK twice in the past few months, but on neither occasion did he meet William.

According to Cole, it is difficult to foresee any form of reconciliation.

“His [Prince Harry’s] brother is terribly upset”, he said.

“Meghan and Harry have said some very unkind and wounding things about Princess Kate and the Princess of Wales.”

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