​Prince Harry ‘doesn’t want to be royal but wants all the advantages of being royal’​

​Prince Harry ‘doesn’t want to be royal but wants all the advantages of being royal’​

Angela Levin appears on GB News

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 13/11/2023

- 13:47

Angela Levin claimed Prince Harry 'doesn't want to be a Prince in terms of being royal and work'

Angela Levin has criticised Prince Harry for "wanting all of the advantages" of being a royal without doing any work.

The Duke of Sussex won his latest legal battle on Friday, after he and six celebrities were granted the ruling of a court trial against Associated Newspapers.

The Daily Mail publisher is accused of illegal means of gathering information, including phone hacking and bugging cars.

Alongside Prince Harry, claimants include Sir Elton John, Sadie Frost, Baroness Doreen Lawrence and actor Hugh Grant.

Angela Levin said Prince Harry 'wants all the advantages of being a royal without the work'

GB News

Speaking to Nana Akua on GB News, the royal biographer reacted to the ruling by the court in favour of the Duke of Sussex, claiming he "thinks he's done really well, but actually he hasn't".

Levin added: "The judge has said that he can't actually mention anything that was leaked beforehand. The problem last time Harry went to court was that he would just say something and then expected the lawyers to sort it out."

Discussing Prince Harry's preliminary hearing against Associated Newspapers in March, Levin revealed he "didn't give the dates, the times or who it was" when he took to the stand to give evidence.

Levin said: "The problem is he feels that he can do it now, but the Mail group feel that it's at least six years too late, so he can't do it now."

Levin continued: "The Mail has got to come in with enough va-va-voom, Harry can't beat that.

"Is he going to come over? Is there going to be another problem about protection? Is it going to cost all the taxpayers a load of money?"

Nana then asked Levin about Prince Harry's visa, after it was revealed earlier this year that the Duke may have lied about past drug use on his visa application.

The US Government has refused to disclose the details of Prince Harry's American visa application, citing the royal's right to privacy.

Prince Harry speaks at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf

Prince Harry has won a court ruling against Associated Newspapers


Levin said: "He doesn't seem to have had a visa, he's there, and now this is one of the things where he doesn't want to be a Prince in royal terms and work, but yet he wants to have all the advantages."

Nana then replied: "And the issues of whether he admitted about the drug taking on the visa as well?"

Levin admitted "I've heard nothing about it", to which Nana then concluded "well it's not over yet, that's bubbling under the surface".

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