Prince Harry has had 'ample opportunity' to fix 'bitter dispute' with angered William

Prince Harry has had 'ample opportunity' to fix 'bitter dispute' with angered William

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/02/2024

- 11:10

Prince Harry told American TV he 'loves his family' during his trip to Canada

Former Royal Correspondent Michael Cole has shared his doubts of a royal reconciliation after Prince Harry's bombshell interview on King Charles's health.

The Duke of Sussex became the first royal to speak publicly since his father's cancer diagnosis, speaking candidly to Good Morning America during his latest joint appearance with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry graced the ski slopes of Whistler, Canada, as he and Meghan greeted the training camp for the 2025 winter Invictus Games.

During his time in the British Columbia, Harry spoke with ABC News journalist Will Reeves and claimed he flew to the UK "as soon as he was told" about the King's diagnosis.

Prince Harry and Michael Cole

Michael Cole says Prince Harry has had 'ample opportunity' to reconcile with William

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The Duke also promised an imminent return to the UK as he has "many trips planned", claiming he intends to see his family "as much as he can".

Harry said: "I love my family. The fact that I was able to get on a plane and go and see him and spend any time with him, I'm grateful for that."

He also suggested a possible reconciliation following King Charles's cancer diagnosis: "I think any illness, any sickness, brings families together."

Reacting to the interview, former royal correspondent Cole says the brothers are embroiled in a "bitter dispute", and chances of them healing the rift are "slim and none".

Prince Harry

Prince Harry claimed he 'loves his family' during an interview with Good Morning America

ABC News

Cole said: "Prince Harry said on this television interview that I love my family. Well, he's not shown a great deal of love towards them with some very cruel, unkind and hurtful allegations against all the senior members of the Royal family.

"He had ample opportunity to say some kind of compassionate words about his sister-in-law Kate, Princess of Wales, who quite clearly has undergone some major surgery, abdominal surgery."


Cole continued: "It's no minor matter what she's enduring at this moment, and he's never offered a single word of comfort or consolation to her or concern. If he wanted to become reconciled with his brother, he could have said some words there."

He also claimed that Prince Harry "was not given permission" prior to the interview to speak about King Charles's health.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole says Prince Harry needs to issue 'abject apologies' to the Royal Family

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Responding to claims that Prince Harry "was not allowed" to accompany King Charles and Queen Camilla to Sandringham during his visit to see his father, Cole shut down the claim and doubted that would have been the reason he did not attend.

Cole explained: "The point of the King being at Sandringham on the estate, which is quite isolated in North Norfolk, is to be isolated because when you're having this intensive cancer treatment and what you've got to avoid at all costs is infection.

"And Prince Harry had flown at 37,000 feet in a pressurised cigar tube with 250 other people people for 11 hours breathing the same air. And he came to see his father for 35, 45 minutes at Clarence House."

Cole admitted: "I think the last thing in the world the King would have wanted was for him to have gone on to Sandringham.

"And anyway, he had to be back into in America because he was that at that gala evening for the National Football League in Las Vegas the next night. So I don't think there was ever a possibility of him flying to Sandringham in the confined space of a helicopter with the King."

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