Kate wants 'normality' for George, Charlotte and Louis - 'She's recovering'

Kate wants 'normality' for George, Charlotte and Louis - 'She's recovering'

Kate wasnt 'normality' for her kids

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 05/03/2024

- 12:56

The Princess of Wales has been papped while 'on a school run'

A royal expert has claimed that The Princess of Wales wants "normality" for her children after she was papped while reportedly on a school run.

Speculation over Kate's health has run wild over the past month after the Princess went for a planned abdominal procedure and has not been spotted since.

Following countless rumours on social media, Buckingham Palace reiterated they would not offer any updates on Kate unless they were "significant".

Speaking on GB News, royal expert Michael Cole said: "If she was on the school run yesterday with her mother, I think that is actually the key to it, because she, through Kensington Palace, issued a statement saying that she hoped the public would understand.

Kate MiddletonPrincess Kate is currently recovering from her operation Getty

"I'll read it to you. 'Her desire is to maintain as much normality for her children as possible and her wish that her personal medical information remains private'.

"Obviously she doesn't want her children go to school and the other kids in the playground say, 'what's wrong with your mum?'

"Or, 'I've heard your mum's got this'. Who wouldn't want to avoid that? She's entitled to her privacy like anyone else."

He explained: "If she is up and about, that would be a good thing. And it would have been, of course, a very brilliant way of scotching all the vile rumors that have been going around about her.

"On this very channel, I've said at least twice that it would have been a good idea for Kensington Palace to be as candid as it could be when she went into hospital.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole said she doesn't want her children being asked questions

GB News

"It would be good to actually give some sort of guidance about her condition or even where she is now.

"Maybe somebody was listening and she went on that little expedition yesterday, knowing that there would be someone around with the camera.

"Then we see her in much happier times. We hope that she returns in good health very soon.

"So maybe this was a very subtle way of scotching those rumours. Because as you know some dreadful stuff has been said."

Kate Middleton

There has been a lot of rumour in her absence


Rumours about why Kate has been missing for so long reached new heights last week, with several outlandish theories about why she has been hiding for so long.

To put an end to the speculation, the Palace said in a statement: "We were really clear from the start we weren’t going to provide a running commentary on the Princess of Wales’s health and only provide significant updates.

"Obviously, we’ve seen the madness of social media and that is not going to change our strategy. There has been much on social media but the Princess has a right to privacy and asks the public to respect that.

"We remind you of the statement in January where it was the Princess of Wales’s wish her medical information would remain private."

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