Princess Kate's 'sensitive' style compared to 'fashion icon' Meghan Markle's £200,000 wardrobe

Princess Kate

Princess Kate has a more 'down-to-earth' style

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 24/09/2023

- 07:00

The Princess of Wales usually wears "less bling" than the Duchess of Sussex, according to an expert.

Meghan Markle wore £200,000 worth of clothes and jewellery at the Invictus Games, but Princess Kate has more of a "minimalist" approach according to experts who spoke exclusively to GB News.

The Duchess of Sussex spent £160,000 more on clothes than at last year's Invictus Games.

Fashion expert Susie Nelson, the owner of Modes and More, said: "If it was Kate, I think the clothing would have had less bling, possibly with more sensitivity to the audience.

"For example, the wearing of high street jewellery as well as clothes."

Princess Kate

Princess Kate would have likely been more 'sensitive', expert claims


Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf


In addition, Oriona Robb, a fashion expert and stylist claimed: "Meghan Markle's decision to wear around £200,000 worth of clothes and jewellery at the Invictus Games may have been a deliberate choice to make a statement and showcase her personal style.

"As a style icon, she may have wanted to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication through her outfit choices.

"Additionally, Meghan could have been expressing her support for the event by wearing expensive attire, highlighting her commitment to the cause.

"On the other hand, the Princess of Wales is known for her down-to-earth nature and support for small British designers.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle wore expensive clothes and jewellery at Invictus Games


Princess Kate

Princess Kate with Prince William at a public engagement


"In a similar situation, she might opt for more affordable and locally sourced outfits.

"Each member of the Royal Family may have their unique style preferences and ways of supporting causes through their fashion choices."

Karine Laudort, who runs a fashion blog titled Keeping Up With Kay Flawless, exclusively told GB News: "Kate has a completely different style and is often seen wearing a variety of brands ranging from designers and high street.

"That said, the Princess makes a conscious effort to keep her wardrobe as minimalist as possible.

Princess Kate and Prince William

Kate and William often wear subtle and matching outfits during public appearances


"It has been reported that her wardrobe was also heftily priced over the course of last year - just under 200,000, beating any previous record.

"The reason is pretty similar to Meghan's (though both women should not be compared).

"Their choice of jewellery and designer gowns on special occasions, such as Kate's wardrobe during her and Prince William's Caribbean tour, both add to the estimated value of her wardrobe."

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