Archbishop of Canterbury wades in on Kate conspiracy theories - 'Village gossip!'

Archbishop of Canterbury wades in on Kate conspiracy theories - 'Village gossip!'

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 21/03/2024

- 22:55

Updated: 21/03/2024

- 22:57

Justin Welby spoke out about the public’s obsession with conspiracies

The Archbishop of Canterbury has waded in on the conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate.

There have been weeks of speculation surrounding the Princess of Wales’s health growing across social media.

Out of this many conspiracy theories have been made up about the whereabouts of the princess.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has called the conspiracy theories “village gossip” and said that people who are experiencing health issues should be allowed “to live their lives in peace.”

Princess Kate and The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury called the theories "village gossip"


The Princess of Wales underwent a planned abdominal operation in January and stayed in hospital for almost two weeks.

Since then, she has been recovering with her family at their Windsor home and has not undertaken any public engagements.

Speaking to Times Radio, the Archbishop said: “We are obsessed with conspiracy and we have little sense of the humanity of those who are caught in the glare of the news.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, people should be allowed to be ill, have an operation, whatever it is, and to live their lives in peace without everyone demanding that they prove something every other day.”

Kate Middleton

Conspiracy theories have emerged about the health of Princess Kate


Rumours about Kate’s whereabouts worsened when a picture emerged of the Prince and Princess of Wales during a shopping trip in Windsor last weekend.

Sonja McLaughlan, a BBC presenter, claimed that the photograph was “clearly not” Princess Kate.

She suggested that the woman in the video was a “lookalike” and that Prince William could have been replaced by an actor.

Welby continued: “It’s the web that has made these conspiracy theories, for all kinds of people, run riot.”

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby spoke about the public's obsession with conspiracies


“It’s extremely unhealthy. It’s just old-fashioned village gossip that can now go round the world in seconds.

“We have to turn away from that. Gossiping in that way is wrong.”

Other public figures have also spoken out defending Kate’s privacy including the UK’s Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

Starmer said “I think we should leave her alone,” while he appeared on the TV show Jeremy Vine on 5.


Princess KatePrincess Kate is recovering from surgery at Adelaide CottagePA

He continued: “She’s had a difficult operation and she deserves privacy.”

After being questioned about whether Kensington Palace could be doing anything differently, Starmer said: “No, I think politicians advising the royal family, Kensington Palace, is wrong.

“But I do feel, just as a guttural thing really as a human being, that we should just butt out and leave her alone.

“That’s not really a political response, it’s a human response as a dad and as a human being.”

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