Wales 20mph speed limit plans SLAMMED by Nigel Farage - 'Anti-car racket!'

20mph zone limit sign (left) and Nigel Farage (right)

Nigel Farage has hit out at 20mph speed limit plans in Wales

PA / GB News
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 06/06/2023

- 21:31

The GB News presenter hit out at the idea

Nigel Farage says plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Welsh residential areas are part of an “anti-motorist racket”.

The GB News presenter hit out at the idea after a petition to scrap the plans gained over 21,000 signatures.

Ministers are hoping to reduce the default speed limit in cities and towns from 30mph to 20mph from 17 September.

They argue the speed limit will cut down the amount of road accidents, while also encouraging people to walk or cycle.

Its introduction is not a sure thing, however, and the petition looks set to be debated in the Senedd later this year following a meeting of the petitions committee on Monday.

Farage says the move is the latest in a string of “anti-motorist” plans imposed on the British taxpayer during a fiery debate with Anna Semlyen from 20’s Plenty for US UK, a campaign group backing the move in Wales.

She argued: “It will prevent in Wales an anticipated 12,000 injuries in the next 10 years, those people will feel the benefit.

“We need 20mph wherever children to protect them and the climate. We use less fuel.”

Mark Drakeford

Mark Drakeford's Government are hoping to introduce 20mph speed limits in residential areas


Farage snapped back: “I don’t buy this argument that we use less fuel if we don’t get out of second gear. I think that is very debatable.

“And why are these kids out at 2am in the morning? These wretched speed cameras… If I was to drive down the Embankment in London at 2am in the morning, with nothing else on the road, why then should I be fined by a speed camera?”

Semlyen argued that people are “vulnerable” on the roads, and speed cameras are in place to protect road users like cyclists.

She further added that 20mph is a “survivable” speed limit, while the current predominant limit of 30mph often has fatal consequences.

Farage hit back, stating: “I think I sense a sort of, anti-car, ‘let’s fine people’ racket.”

The plan from the Welsh Government has divided opinion.

One council has received almost 300 complaints about plans to reduce speed limits to 20mph, but some argue it will help to ensure the safety of schoolchildren.

The move will need to be approved by the Senedd’s business committee should it be pursued, which oversees proceedings in the 60-member debating chamber.

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