US election warning issued as 'humanity on the line' after Trump success in Iowa: 'If America falls, the rest of the world does too'

US election warning issued as 'humanity on the line' after Trump success in Iowa: 'If America falls, the rest of the world does too'

WATCH NOW: Kari Lake warns of America's downfall if Trump loses election

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/01/2024

- 18:27

Donald Trump is currently polling at 52 per cent ahead of the New Hampshire ballot

Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake has warned that "humanity on the line" if Donald Trump fails to win the next US Presidential election.

The Former US President secured his first victory in Iowa on Monday, after winning over 50 per cent of the vote at the state's caucus.

Ron DeSantis took second place with 21 per cent of the vote, and Nikki Haley came in third with 19 per cent.

Ahead of the New Hampshire ballot, Donald Trump is currently leading once again with 52 per cent of the vote.

Kari Lake

Kari Lake says humanity is 'on the line' if Donald Trump loses the Presidential election

GB News

Nikki Haley has jumped two percentage points to 35 per cent, and Ron DeSantis remains in third place with just six per cent.

Trump told a New Hampshire rally: "You inherit the legacy of red-blooded New Hampshire patriots and you really are incredible patriots who lived by that immortal motto 'Live Free or Die'.

"We'll get it done without the dying part, we don't want the dying part."

Speaking to GB News, Kari Lake backed Donald Trump to win the election in November and hopes America "gets it right".

Lake told Nigel Farage: "Remember eight years ago when President Trump decided to step into politics? He was beloved by all of America.

"And it's unfortunate that he has has to go through this eight-year witch hunt. They're weaponising the judicial system against him and the American people see right through it."

Lake added that the "attacks" on Donald Trump will "embolden" voters to be more vocal and support him.

She stated: "It's been a character assassination and they're continuing. It just makes people love him more that he stands up and fights back."

Donald Trump

Donald Trump secured victory in Iowa with over 50 per cent of the vote


Predicting Trump's election chances, Lake warned Nigel that humanity is "on the line" if Trump loses the election.

Lake claimed: "I don't think there's a better fighter in the world for humanity. And let me tell you, humanity's on the line.

"If America falls, the rest of the world goes down. And that's why wherever you go around the world, people are paying attention to Trump. What's going to happen with Trump.

"I hear from people who are not Americans all the time. Please tell me America is going to get this right. And re-elect President Trump."

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