'Joe-Bi-Wan!' Biden drafts Luke Skywalker in bid to help win over voters

'Joe-Bi-Wan!' Biden drafts Luke Skywalker in bid to help win over voters

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Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 04/05/2024

- 11:50

Mark Hamill appeared alongside White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yesterday

Joe Biden has drafted in help from Star Wars actor Mark Hamill in a bid to win over voters ahead of polling day on November 5.

Hamill, 72, who was wearing Biden-style aviation sunglasses, appeared alongside White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yesterday.

The actor, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the sci-fi franchise, surprised reporters with his cameo appearance.

In the briefing, Hamill praised the 46th President’s work and confirmed he met the 81-year-old.

Joe Biden drafts Luke Skywalker in bid to help win over voters

Joe Biden drafts Luke Skywalker in bid to help win over voters


He said: “Look, I just got to meet the President. He gave me these aviator glasses. I love the merch. Love it all.”

Hamill welcomed “Bidenomics” and described the Commander-in-Chief as the “most legislatively successful President in my lifetime”.

He added: “I don’t have to go through the list of bipartisan infrastructure law, the PACT Act, the CHIPS Act, all that inflation, 15 million jobs.

“It’s all good. I mean, I was really thrilled to meet the entire staff because, you know, it’s not just one person. It’s like a composite endeavour.”

Joe BidenJoe Biden is also receiving broadside shots from Republican rival Donald TrumpREUTERS

Hamill, who initially warned reporters against asking any Star Wars questions, revealed the 46th President has a new nickname related to the sci-fi franchise.

“Well, you know, I called him Mr President. He said, ‘You can call me Joe’, and I said: ‘Can I call you Joe-bi Wan Kenobi?’ He liked that.

“First of all, I only expected him to be there for like five minutes. He showed us all his photographs.

“It was really amazing to me because, you know, I was invited to the Carter White House and I came, and then I came to the Obama White House, but I never was invited into the Oval Office and it was a large gathering. So this one was really extra special.”

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is vying for a second termREUTERS

Hamill is a long-time supporter of Biden and a vocal critic of his Republican rival Donald Trump.

He previously headlined a Biden fundraiser and appeared in one of his political adverts ahead of the 2020 US Presidential Election.

However, his appearance at the White House appears somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton’s decision to wheel out a star-studded set of supporters.

Biden is struggling in the polls ahead of November 5, with most experts warning the race is too close to call.

Trump is leading Biden by 1.5 per cent, the latest Real Clear Politics average has revealed.

Joe BidenJoe Biden is the 46th President of the United StatesREUTERS

Despite Trump’s victory over Clinton in 2016, the 77-year-old would become just the second Grand Old Party nominee to win the popular vote in 36-years.

However, Trump could still afford to lose the popular vote and receive enough support in key swing states to emulate Grover Cleveland’s feat in serving two non-consecutive terms in the Oval Office.

Biden won Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Michigan by less than 2.5 per cent in 2020.

Trump will also need to put up a defensive fight in North Carolina.

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