Bill Clinton’s ex-adviser insists Biden age concerns are unfounded: ‘People aren’t buying it!’

Bill Clinton’s ex-adviser insists Biden age concerns are unfounded: ‘People aren’t buying it!’

WATCH NOW: Bill Clinton's former adviser defends US President Joe Biden

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/01/2024

- 13:04

The 81-year-old US President has suffered several gaffes in the past two weeks

US President Joe Biden has been defended by Bill Clinton's former adviser, as concerns continue to grow over his cognitive ability.

In the last few weeks alone, Biden has publicly struggled during speeches in Wisconsin and Virginia after he slurred his words.

Speaking at a Brewery in Wisconsin on Thursday, Americans took to social media to criticise the US President as he made a series of verbal stumbles.

Biden struggled to read the teleprompter, mumbling: “And, by the way, it used to make the beer brewed here — (laughs) — it is used to make the brewed beer here in this refine — oh, Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes. I wondered why (inaudible) — (laughter).”

Joe Biden and Richard Goodstein

Richard Goodstein says Joe Biden's level of command is 'commendable'

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Biden's Vice President Kamala Harris previously defended his abilities, stating age is "more than a chronological fact".

She added: "Not only is he absolutely authoritative in rooms around the globe, but in the Oval Office, meeting with members of Congress, meeting with leaders in industry, meeting with community leaders, I will tell you that he is in front of often everyone in the room in terms of thinking about how we can resolve issues."

Speaking to GB News America, Bill Clinton's former adviser Richard Goodstein shut down critics of the President's age and claimed Biden's level of command is "commendable".

Goodstein added that the right wing are "pushing" the idea that Biden is no longer capable of being in office.

Goodstein told GB News host Jacob Rees-Mogg: "The Republicans said he was too old four years ago, and since then he's brought the United States out of Covid.

"The United States has the single best record in the developed world regarding economic growth, and we're tackling inflation, let alone what Biden has done regarding infrastructure, reducing the price of prescription drugs, addressing gun violence."

He continued: "Biden has actually overseen efforts to get gun violence across the finish line, and he signed it into law.

"You get wisdom with age, so no, Biden is not too old."

Richard Goodstein

Richard Goodstein defended Joe Biden's capabilities as US President

GB News America

Jacob Rees-Mogg offered a counter argument to Goodstein, arguing: "There does seem to be quite a number of these senior moments when he appears to be confused or his aides have to come to his rescue. How confident can people be that he is young and fit enough for the presidency?"

Goodstein responded: "Donald Trump is somebody who time and time again, every time he takes the stage behind a microphone, says things that would be horrifying and that frankly, if Biden said the same things, Fox News would be running those clips constantly.

"When you talk to people who have actually dealt with Biden, he actually conveys a level of command that is quite commendable. You remember just a year ago during Biden's State of the Union address, extemporaneously, when the Republicans tried to interrupt him, he made them look foolish. He wasn't speaking from a teleprompter. He didn't have notes. He did it off the cuff, and he made them look stupid.

"So I think this notion that somehow he's too old, it's something that the right wing has pushed and people aren't buying it."

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