‘He has problems!’ Pollster says Biden faces rocky ride as ‘door open’ for independent candidate

‘He has problems!’ Pollster says Biden faces rocky ride as ‘door open’ for independent candidate
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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/01/2024

- 12:00

Many Americans are concerned about Biden's age

Joe Biden could face a rocky road in his bid to win a second Presidential term, a top pollster has claimed.

Despite age concerns continuing to mount in America, the 81-year-old remains the overwhelming favourite for the Democrat nomination.

But according to David Paleologos from the Suffolk University Political Research Centre, Biden faces external issues in securing the full support of his typical voter base.

With Trump gaining momentum after success at the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, Patrick Christys asked the pollster how Biden is going about his business.

Joe Biden and David Paleologos

David Paleologos says Biden has problems


“There was a write-in campaign in New Hampshire so that he could save face and he did win a majority”, he told GB News.

“He was in the 60s in the write-in campaign, but there was a swathe of democrats, probably three in ten, who did not vote for him.


Patrick Christys and David Paleologos

David Paleologos joined Patrick Christys on GBN America


Robert F KennedyRobert F Kennedy Jr has previously spoken on GB News GB NEWS

“Part of the reason is that he thumbed his nose in the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

“The DNC thumbed their noise at New Hampshire for being the first in the nation primary, so the delegates don’t count, even though Biden won a majority there.

“Biden does have problems with independents as well, for different reasons, that potentially opens the door for an independent campaign come November.”

Robert F Kennedy Jr has drawn concern from Democrats over how he could transform the presidential race with the independent candidate gaining momentum.

He announced on Tuesday he had amassed enough signatures to qualify for New Hampshire’s ballot for the general election, after already getting on Utah’s.

Kennedy freed himself from the Democratic Party to run as an independent and is giving the party a headache with his commitment to being on the ballot for battleground states.

Biden’s write-in win in New Hampshire saw the President and his inner circle swiftly moving on to focus on Trump, who is the overwhelming favourite for the Republican nomination.

In a statement released by his campaign this week, the incumbent said: “It is now clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

“And my message to the country is the stakes could not be higher.”

In a newly launched website for Kennedy’s campaign to get on the ballot of other states, his team say his effort is “in progress” in more than a dozen states, including Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.

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