Donald Trump has selected his vice presidential running mate but refuses to name them

Donald Trump has selected his vice presidential running mate but refuses to name them

Donald Trump will have to get through Nikki Haley to win the Republican nomination

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Dimitris Kouimtsidis

By Dimitris Kouimtsidis

Published: 11/01/2024

- 10:32

Updated: 11/01/2024

- 10:50

The ex-POTUS revealed that he has already selected his running mate, before the Republican primaries have even started

Donald Trump has announced that he has selected his vice presidential running mate, but has refused to name who it is.

The former president made the announcement during an hour-long town hall event with Fox News in Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday night.

Fox host Martha MacCallum asked him whether he had chosen a running mate yet, with the ex-POTUS replying: "Well, I can’t tell you that really. I mean, I know who it’s going to be.”

He also boasted that many people had asked him if they could be part of his second administration if he were to win, including the "very most important people in the military".

Donald Trump during a town hall event in Iowa

He made the announcement during an hour-long town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa


This is the first time Trump has spoken about a definite choice for his running mate, ahead of next week's caucus in Iowa, which marks the start of the Republican nominee race.

Until now, he hadn't commented much on his potential running mates, choosing to speak positively about most candidates suggested.

Speculation has raged as to whether he could choose South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, Arkansas governor Huckerbee Sanders or New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

A more out-of-the-box name thrown around has been former Fox presenter Tucker Carlson.


Donald Trump speaking at a Fox News town hall in Iowa

The town hall was held by Fox News


On Wednesday night Trump joked he could even pick former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who pulled out of the primary race earlier that day.

When MacCallum asked him: "What about any of the people who you’ve run against?

"Would you be open to mending fences with any of them?”

The 45th President replied: “Oh, sure. I will, I will. I’ve already started to like Christie better.”

Trump needs to win the Republican nomination before he can start thinking about a second stint in the White House and who his vice president will be.

Another potential candidate could be one of his biggest rivals in winning the nomination, namely Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador.

But she emphasised that her priority is to win the Republican candidacy herself.

She said: “First of all, it’s highly offensive to think I would go through all of this to run for vice president. I am fighting to become president and I’m going to win."

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