Sir Keir Starmer left looking visibly shaken after furious protesters bombard him as police make arrests


Arrests have been made after Sir Keir Starmer was mobbed by furious pro-Palestine protesters in Glasgow last night,

Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 08/12/2023

- 07:49

Updated: 08/12/2023

- 10:48

Two activists were arrested during the protests, which saw the Labour leader accused of 'facilitating genocide' in Gaza

Arrests have been made after Sir Keir Starmer was mobbed by furious pro-Palestine protesters in Glasgow last night, leaving him looking visibly shaken.

The Labour leader was pictured walking through the city while being shouted at by the protesters.

His security detail was forced to intervene to push away the activists, who were coming in close proximity to the Labour leader.

Two activists were arrested during the protests, which saw Starmer accused of "facilitating genocide" in Gaza.

As Starmer arrived at Glasgow station, one protester shouted: "Keir Starmer you are facilitating Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

"Stop the massacre of over 7,000 babies. Freedom for Palestine, stop the genocide.

"You’re responsible for killing babies in Gaza."

Another shouted: "Starmer, why did you vote for continued genocide?"

While others heckled: "War criminal" and "You should be in prison".

When Starmer got into a Range Rover to be taken from the scene, activists surrounded the vehicle, shouting “child murderer”.

Earlier in the evening, the Labour leader was heckled by a man on his train to Glasgow who condemned him for not calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The pro-Palestinian protester called him out for his inaction in attempting to end the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Filming Starmer as he approached, the man asked the politician: "How many more children in Palestine have to die before you call for a ceasefire?

"Over 7,000 have died. Over 7,000 have been slaughtered by Israel. This is unacceptable. What happened to human rights? What happened to democracy? We don’t see any of that when it comes to the Palestinians. 7,000 children."


The man was escorted out of Starmer’s carriage by security, yet continued to probe the Labour leader with questions: "How many more people have to die? Where is your humanity?"

Starmer has faced backlash over his stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict as he has supported the Government's position in calling for "humanitarian pauses", stopping short of demanding a full ceasefire.

He whipped his MPs last month to vote against an SNP amendment calling for a ceasefire, instead demanding his MPs support Labour's amendment demanding pauses in the conflict.

Ten members of his frontbench resigned over the issue, choosing to break with the party line and vote with the SNP.

WATCH: Starmer rejects ceasefire over concerns it will embolden Hamas

Starmer has continually argued that calling for a ceasefire would only serve to "embolden" Hamas.

A Police Scotland spokesperson: “We are aware of an ongoing protest at a premises on Congress Road, Glasgow, and an earlier protest in the Gordon Street area of the city.

“Officers are in attendance at Congress Road and engaging with the crowd. Two people have been arrested in connection with assaulting police officers at Congress Road and inquiries are ongoing.

“There have been no reports of any injuries at either protest.”

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