Nigel Farage questions effectiveness of recycling as new bin plans are revealed - 'Completely crackers!'

Nigel Farage questions effectiveness of recycling as new bin plans are revealed - 'Completely crackers!'

Nigel Farage hits out at 'crackers' new recycling plans

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 28/03/2023

- 07:20

Fears are mounting over the Government’s new green scheme

New plans to bring in up to seven different recycling bins per household have been dubbed “completely crackers” by Nigel Farage.

Fears are mounting over the Government’s new green scheme being made into a cost issue for homeowners, as councils are reportedly leaving them to foot the bill.

Councils have warned the scheme would be “unworkable” as a result of the complications arising from all local authorities in the UK individually collecting paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass as well as garden and food waste.

Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage has hit out at the plan, questioning whether recycling as a scheme in general is as effective as the public thinks.

Nigel Farage and recycling bins

Nigel Farage questions whether recycling is being carried out as effectively as the public thinks

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He said: “I bet you get pretty bored of your weekly and bi-weekly recycling bins.

“I’ve got three, many people in urban cities have four. There are new proposals which say our recycling rate hasn’t really improved since 2015.

“So we might have seven different recycling bins. It’s completely crackers.

“Whenever I see those pictures of shiploads of waste going off to landfill in China of elsewhere, it makes me pretty angry.

Glass bottles are left littered in front of recycling bins

Nigel Farage says 'we're kidding ourselves' over recycling


“I’m not sure we’re doing this as well as we kid ourselves.”

The proposed change has been brought about during a Government consultation on household and business recycling, and is set to be unveiled in mid-April.

The plans are in place in order to increase the consistency of waste recycling across the country, as different local authorities are offering a disparity in rates.

Councils would have to show that it is “not technically or economically practicable” to collect different forms of recycling waste separately.

They could also demonstrate that there would be “no significant environmental benefit in doing so”.

Councils in England currently have discretion over how and when waste is collected from households and businesses.

But a new year, passed last year, means a consistent set of recyclable waste materials is to be collected separately from all households and business.

Food waste collection is also required once a week under The Environment Act, which became law in 2021.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have tried to ease concerns over the new bill, according to the Telegraph, saying it is very unlikely anyone will require seven bins.

A spokesman for the Department said: “We want to make recycling easier and ensure that there is a comprehensive, consistent service across England.

“This will help increase recycled material in the products we buy and boost a growing UK recycling industry.

“We have held a public consultation on the proposed changes and will announce further details shortly.”

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