'Arch-remainer!' David Lammy blasted by Parry for wanting ties with EU: 'Public aren't stupid'

'Arch-remainer!' David Lammy blasted by Parry for wanting ties with EU: 'Public aren't stupid'

Mike Parry criticised Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 10/10/2023

- 13:00

Updated: 10/10/2023

- 13:52

David Lammy said the UK had a 'very bitter divorce with the EU' over Brexit

Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy has been criticised by Mike Parry, following his speech at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

Speaking to Labour Party members, Lammy claimed in his speech that the UK has had a "very bitter divorce with the EU" with Brexit, adding "No one in this room in all seriousness would suggest you can have a divorce and that you could get married again without even going on a date".

Lammy went on to criticise the Conservatives and their relationship with Europe, stating: "When they say we can’t work closely with our friends in Europe anymore, what will we do? Stand up. Because Labour values do not stop at the English Channel.

"Earlier this year the Conservative Party Press Office attacked me for saying that improving our relationship with the European Union will be a priority. Conference, I’m happy to repeat it. If you have forgotten that Britain’s trade with Europe is a priority for our economy, you need to wake up."

Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy during the Labour Party conference in Liverpool

David Lammy suggested the UK could 'start dating' the EU again


Lammy pledged that Labour will not return to the single market or the customs union.

He concluded: "Keir Starmer is committed to improving our relations with Europe, delivering Britain a much better deal than we've got, and seeking a new security pact to keep our country safe."

Reacting to the comments on Britain's Newsroom, broadcaster Mike Parry hit out at Lammy and his pro-EU stance.

Parry said: "David Lammy, as you say, Shadow Foreign Secretary, arch-Remainer, and he has never made any secret of that.

"And when he says oh, we'll start dating the EU, he's really just extending what Keir Starmer's position was revealed as being when he went to the conference in Canada, that we'll start following our guidance along EU lines."

Parry continued: "What I simply don't understand is don't they realise that the British people are not stupid, and that if you look at the situation in Europe, we the UK are doing being better than Germany, which used to be the powerhouse of Europe.

"Poland is doing better than Germany because they don't follow the EU lines that David Lammy's talking about."

Mike Parry appears on GB News

Mike Parry said David Lammy is an 'arch-Remainer'

GB News

Presenter Bev Turner nodded in agreement as Parry highlighted the successes of the UK post-Brexit.

Addressing the ongoing migrant crisis in the UK and Europe, Parry said: "Italy and Britain are talking together to try and do something about the migrants crossing Europe.

"So that's European cooperation, which is very positive.

"But we all know what Labour's hidden agenda is we think, is that more people will be welcome to come to this country if Labour get in than less."

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