Green Party candidate who compared Gaza war to Holocaust set to stand in general election

Green Party candidate who compared Gaza war to Holocaust set to stand in general election

Sunak's 'SELFISH' announcement: Will a general election be the perfect remedy for the nation?

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 23/05/2024

- 17:19

Updated: 23/05/2024

- 17:19

Naseem Talukdar, candidate for Bristol East, also shared a video which said: 'We have to destroy Zionism'

A Green Party member who compared the Gaza war to the Holocaust will be standing as a candidate in the upcoming general election.

Naseem Talukdar, who hopes to take the seat in Bristol East, shared a video online in which David Miller, an anti-Israel activist, said: “We have to destroy Zionism.”

In the video, the activist also likens the Israel-Hamas War and the Holocaust to one another.

Carla Deyner, the Green’s co-leader said that he was still running for the seat on July 4, “as far as I know”. His social media profiles also state that he is “your Green Party MP Candidate for Bristol East”, suggesting he will be running for the position.

Naseem Talukdar/Green Party sign/Gaza on October 7

A Green MP candidate for Bristol East shared a post comparing Gaza to the Holocaust


Speaking to the BBC, she said: “I am not familiar with the details that you are referring to. I am aware that concerns have been raised, I haven’t seen the material, wherever concerns have been raised on this issue they are going to be looked into, there is going to be an assessment over whether what has been shared is problematic or not.”

She stressed the importance in clearly distinguishing between comments she deems to be outright antisemitic, and those that are simply “legitimate criticism of the actions of a foreign government”.

Three Green MP candidates - Elizabeth Waight, a candidate for Bethnal Green and Stepney, Chris Brody, standing in Chingford and Wood Green, and Maddison Wheeldon, vying for the seat of Warrington North - have also recently been exposed for their anti-Israel views.


\u200bGreen Party co-leaders, Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay

Green Party co-leader, Carla Denyer (left) said that as 'far as she knows', Talukdar is still in the running


Waight and Brody, both standing in London, reshared content of an anti-Israel nature - with the former posting an Instagram video where a woman said that the “Zionists will drink the flesh and blood of the Palestinians”, and the latter sharing article links which suggested 9/11 and October 7 were “false flag operations” for “more slaughter and mayhem.

Meanwhile, Wheelon said she blames both Israel and Hamas for October 7 and previously compared Israelis that support their government’s action as comparable to Germans supporting the Nazis.

A Green Party spokesman said: “Nominations close on June 7 and we’ll have a full list of Green Party candidates standing across England and Wales then.”

GB News has approached Talukdar for comment.

Yesterday, Rishi Sunak addressed the nation from Downing Street to call for a General Election, saying “now is the moment for Britain to choose its future”.


Rishi Sunak announced a general election yesterday


Speaking in the pouring rain as D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better played from a speaker nearby, the Prime Minister vowed he had “never and will never leave the people of this country to face the darkest of days alone”.

The Green Party’s co-leaders welcomed the announcement of a General Election, saying they aimed to secure four seats in the next Parliament.

Carla Denyer, the party’s candidate in Bristol Central, said: “At last. This is the moment the country has been waiting for, the chance to vote for a different vision of what our country can be. We are urging voters to elect at least four Green MPs to Parliament.”

Her co-leader Adrian Ramsay, standing in Waveney Valley, said: “We are offering the common sense, affordable policies that will dramatically improve our quality of life.

“More Green MPs in Parliament will hold whoever forms the next government to account, and make the other parties confront the challenges our country faces.”

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