'They're wrong!' Ed Davey slaps down his OWN party activists as Lib Dems questioned over 'NIMBYism'

Ed Davey

Ed Davey has slapped down young activists from his own party, saying they are "wrong" about the party's approach to house-building

Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 25/09/2023

- 17:01

Ed Davey's interview with GB News saw the Liberal Democrat leader say his party plans to 'defeat a lot more Conservatives' at the next election

Ed Davey has slapped down young activists from his own party, saying they are "wrong" about the party's approach to house-building.

The Liberal Democrat leader was asked by GB News' Tom Harwood about a leaflet, handed out by young activists, which said there has been a slump in Lib Dem membership as a result of 'NIMBYism'.

NIMBYism, meaning "Not in my backyard", refers to people who block the building of homes and infrastructure in their area.

The Lib Dems have faced criticism for policies which are seen to block the building of new homes.


But when asked about the leaflet, which says that the Lib Dems are set to lose the youth vote for the second time in a decade as result of NIMBYism, Davey said: "I'm afraid I think they're wrong."

Speaking to Tom Harwood from the party's conference in Bournemouth, he explained: "I'm very keen on building new homes, we just need the right homes in the right places.

"Let me give you an example. My wife Emily is a councillor in Kingston, in my own constituency, and she's the lead on housing in that council, so a councillor just as you've talked about.

"We're building lots of houses in Kingston. We're building lots of social homes, which is exactly what the motion calls for today."

Davey added: "I'm proud that Lib Dem councils are leading the way in building council homes and social homes - not just in my own constituency, but in many other areas."

The same interview saw Ed Davey say his party plans to "defeat a lot more Conservatives" at the next election.

He told GB News that a coalition with the Tories would be "illogical", as his goal in politics is to "defeat as many Conservative MPs as possible".

Davey added: "I'm focused on the issues that people care about, and when I speak to them wherever I go across the country, even lifelong Conservatives, they don't want the Conservatives back actually.

"They want to see a party that supports our economy, deals with the cost of living crisis, deals with the NHS and care crisis, deals with things like the environment and sewage.


Ed Davey

Ed Davey says his party plans to "defeat a lot more conservatives" at the next election


"So we will focus our mind on our policy priorities, and things we care about.

"And I think that will mean there'll be a lot more liberal Democrat MPs after the next election."

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