'People of Scotland deserve better!' Scots blast SNP STILL 'banging independence drum'

'People of Scotland deserve better!' Scots blast SNP STILL 'banging independence drum'

Christopher Hope speaks with GB News viewers about the SNP conference

Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 16/10/2023

- 16:49

Updated: 16/10/2023

- 16:52

GB News viewers give their view on the SNP as their party conference continues

GB News has gone to the public to get their view on the SNP, and the potential for a new referendum on Scottish independence.

Political editor Christopher Hope summed up an announcement from the SNP yesterday at their conference, that if they get more than 29 MPs that will constitute a mandate to seek a new referendum.

“The party's basic purpose is to try and take Scotland out of the UK and that's what they've decided so far in their Commons.”

On the announcement, Barry Tomes from Birmingham questioned if the Scottish National Party have their priorities in the right place, and whether independence is the main issue for Scots.

GB News viewer Anita Atkinson

GB News viewer Anita Atkinson asks Scotland not go independent

GB News

“You're three times more likely to die from a drugs overdose in Scotland. It's getting worse and worse, not better.”

“These are the things that the Scottish people I know and love are talking about at the moment. These are the things they'll want to see fixed.”

Christopher Hope commented on this view, saying “The problem is they have got these failings on on on drugs deaths in Scotland, issues with education and health

“Many critics say the party is trying to distract with this big idea of independence and ignoring how they're doing on the domestic front.”

Scottish independence supporters march through Glasgow during an All Under One Banner marchScottish independence supporters march through Glasgow during an All Under One Banner marchPA

GB News viewer David Lavery from Cumbernauld in Scotland said: “The people of Scotland deserve better. They deserve a government that are actually there for the people.”

“They need to stop banging the independence drum once in a generation. That's passed, the decision was no, we stay part of the union. Abide by the rules.”

Viewer Angus Forbes from Perthshire expressed his hope for what will come from the SNP party conference.

“What I'm looking for from the SNP’s conference this weekend is honesty. Honesty and acceptance that Scotland is a much worse place since they came to power.”

Nicola Sturgeon leaves the UK Covid-19 Inquiry in JuneNicola SturgeonPA

Alan McNeilly expressed similar sentiments, and expressed his outrage at the party’s consistent refusal to acknowledge the Scottish peoples’ decision on independence.

“I'd like to see the SNP finally accept the results of the 2014 referendum, and in the little time that they have left in government, I'd like to see them accept their total and utter failure.”

Meanwhile, outside Scotland, Anita Atkinson from Durham begged the Scottish people “Don't go for independence Scotland!”

“Just think of all of us that live in Durham and Northumberland where we can just get in the car, drive up to see you, and spend our money in your country. I really don't want to do that and have to show me passport.“

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